Friday, December 31, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8179 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Accept fall but decide to do something dangerous (4,3,6) TAKE THE PLUNGE (Accept=TAKE, fall=PLUNGE)
10 Carrier of military personnel on a novel, posh round trip (9) TROOPSHIP (ana. POSH+O(round)+TRIP)
11 What maybe spilt to give the game away (5) BEANS (Cryptic Defn.)
12 Diplomat accommodated in a maiden voyage (5) ENVOY (Container => maidEN VOYage)
13 Forming a liking for including a number in a session of criticism (7-2) TALKING-TO (Forming a liking for=TAKING TO, a number=L(Roman 50)=>Forming a liking for including a number=TALKING TO)
14 Short stretch of luck for a cricket captain (6) STREAK (ref. to Heath Streak)
16 The measure of a bit of money involved in a transaction (5) SCALE (bit of money=cent=C, )
19 Glib talk for which English lips are adapted (5) SPIEL (ana. E(English)+LIPS)
20 Fit for consumption (6) EDIBLE (Direct)
25 Playfully prod dear ones in retreat in military march (5,4) GOOSE STEP (Playfully prod=GOOSE, dear ones=PETS=>dear ones in retreat=STEP)
26 Camp structure around the east evokes belief (5) TENET (Camp structure=TENT, east=E=>Camp structure around the east=TEN(E)T)
27 Travel permit includes time for a comprehensive view (5) VISTA (Travel permit=VISA, time=T=>VIS(T)A)
28 Band box carried by American state artist (9) ORCHESTRA (American state=Oregon=OR, artist=RA, box=CHEST=>box carried by American state artist=OR(CHEST)RA)
29 Being made extremely happy by rhythm, provided one action is spelt out (13) BEATIFICATION (rhythm=BEAT, provided=IF, one=I, action spelt out=ana. ACTION=CATION => BEAT+IF+ICATION)

2 Plant, source of emollient, may reveal nought: a mystery (4,4) ALOE VERA (ana. REVEAL+O(nought)+A)
3 Hollow, like some threats (5) EMPTY (Direct)
4 Snobs greeting leaders of Honesty and Truth Society (2-4) HI-HATS (greeting=HI, leaders of Honesty and Truth Society=first letters of these words=HATS)
5 Common people disturb a quiet couple (8) POPULACE (ana. A+P(quiet)+COUPLE)
6 Lacking restraint, as would be a horse unprepared for a ride (9) UNBRIDLED (Double Defn.)
7 Country house with a good reach (6) GRANGE (good=G, reach=RANGE => G+RANGE)
8 Which city was, at that time, held by a saint? (6) ATHENS (at that time=THEN, a=A, saint=S=>at that time, held by a saint = A(THEN)S)
9 Racing venue for MacGregor, say (5) _S_O_
15 Fruit carrier: upset it and disrupt plans (5,4) APPLE CART (ref. to the usage -- upset the applecart)
17 Cooked food in a flame to a boil (4,4) MEAT LOAF (ana. A FLAME TO A)
18 Intelligence Officer supported sailor in it from the beginning (2,6) AB INITIO (Intelligence Officer=IO, sailor=AB, in it=INIT)
21 Minor players' runs? (6) EXTRAS (Double Defn.)
22 Plant yielding a victory in time (5) AGAVE (a=A, victory=V, time=AGE=>yielding a victory in time=AG(AV)E)
23 Dishevel the hair (6) TOUSLE (Direct)
24 Medicinal preparation from ripe cacao root (6) IPECAC (Container => rIPE CACao)
26 Right set up to have a meal and play host (5) TREAT (Right=RT=>Right set up=TR, to have a meal=EAT=>Right set up to have a meal = TR+EAT)


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