Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8162 Solutions

1 One may date its growth (4,4) PALM TREE (Direct=>date as in date-palm)
5 Dad somewhat mad about southern lotuses (6) PADMAS (Dad=PA, mad about=ana. MAD=DMA, southern=S)
9 You may find him quite testing (8) EXAMINER (Direct)
10 Buddhist monk (6) BHIKKU/BHIKSU (Direct)
12 Muscle of the wrestler (4) THEW (Container=>of THE Wrestler)
13 Let it be known publicly (10) ADVERTISED (Direct)
15 I must appear in a London district for a law-suit (6) ACTION (I in ACTON)
17 Recalled aim is to confine air force brigands (5) MAFIA (Recalled aim=MIA, air force=AF=>M(AF)IA)
20 Small seed causes superior to be caught in tangled love (5) OVULE (Superior=U, tangled love=OVLE=>U in OVLE)
21 It is in the hereafter (6) FUTURE (Direct)
24 Fixed the rates again (2-8) RE-ASSESSED (Direct)
27 Dance by graduate students (4) BALL (graduate=BA, students=LL)
29 He always gets suitable clients (6) TAILOR (suitable=suit-able=for whom suits can be made)
30 With this, one doesn't give a chin up (4,4) FACE DOWN (Direct)
31 Sol, boy is coming back with a south Indian delicacy (6) SUNDAL (Sol=SUN, boy=LAD, boy coming back=DAL)
32 Kill the new driver who has something odd about him! (8) STRANGLE (new driver=L, odd=STRANGE=>STRANG(L)E)

1 Quickly dispose of the others in the post office (6) PRESTO (others=REST, post office=PO, others in the post office = REST in PO=>P(REST)O)
2 It guides the eye to the first violinist (6) LEADER (Double meaning=> a row of dots or hyphens, used in tables of contents, etc., to lead the eye across a space to the right word or number is a LEADER, and so is the first violinst in an orchestra)
3 Sound mathematical course (4) TRIG (double meaning=>TRIG means Sound i.e. in good condition, it's also short of Trigonometry)
4 The journalist among the fellows is to change (5) EMEND (ana. of journalist=ED and fellows=MEN)
6 A woman touches the tip of the serving-dish (5) ASHET (A=A, woman=SHE, the tip=T)
7 Secure enough to build cash-box (4,4) MAKE SAFE (build=MAKE, cash-box=SAFE)
8 Police vehicle causes endless panic about prison (5,3) SQUAD CAR (endless panic=SCARE-E=SCAR, prison=QUAD => S(QUAD)CAR)
11 Plant bridge opponents in crooked environment (6) PEANUT
14 Bill on a land measure (4) ACRE (bill=AC(as in account), on=RE(on, over, about))
16 Swarm in joyous gathering (6) INFEST (in=IN, joyous gathering=FEST)
17 Blackbird in winsomer land (4) MERL (Container=>in winsoMER Land)
18 Greek reacts so ebulliently (8) SOCRATES (ana. REACTS SO)
19 Length of time for which a dour nit goes round and round (8) DURATION (ana. A DOUR NIT)
22 Chant about a redhead's garment (6) SARONG (Chant=SONG, a redhead=AR=>S(AR)ONG)
23 As given to get a quick view (6) GLANCE (Direct)
25 Sanskrit recitation almost slow on the borders of Karnataka (5) SLOKA (almost slow=SLO, borders of Karnataka=KA)
26 Demand money for a former performance (5) EXACT (former=EX, performance=ACT)
28 Indian army in disenablement (4) SENA (Container=> in diSENAblement)