Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8164 Solutions - by Vinod & Ganesh

1 Think! Mother is inside with a perfume-holder! (8) POMANDER (Think=PONDER, Mother=MA=>Mother is inside Think=>PO(MA)NDER)
6 Assist the man with a record (4) HELP (the man=HE, a record=LP)
9 Heavenly twins (6) GEMINI (Direct)
10 Building I rent out, for example, to a number (7) INTEGER (Building is the ana. indicator. for example=E.G.=>ana. I RENT E.G.)
13 One may expect a very sharp report from this weapon (6-3) NEEDLE-GUN (Direct)
14 Censor 50 involved in high-pitched sound (5) BLEEP (50=L, high-pitched sound=BEEP=>B(L)EEP)
15 Section of church collapses partially (4) APSE (Container=>collAPSEs)
16 How a letter left the post office in a huff? (7,3) STAMPED OUT (Double meaning)
19 With this, the sentence will no doubt take effect (2,8) NO REPRIEVE (Direct=>sentence as in a court judgment)
21 Small figures? (4) STAT (Direct=>short for Statistics)
24 South Indian percussion instrument in vital replay (5) TAVIL (ana. VITAL)
25 Active and nice egret spotted (9) ENERGETIC (ana. NICE EGRET)
26 Senior disperses southern birds (7) ORNISES (ana. SENIOR+S for southern)
27 Begone with an actress and a knight in the Union Territory (6) AVAUNT (actress=AVA(Gardner), knight=N,Union Terrrtory=UT=>knight in the Union Territory=UNT => AVA+UNT)
28 Pre-eminent person in the theatrical world (4) STAR (Direct)
29 It is good fortune if she smiles at you (4,4) LADY LUCK (Direct)

2 They start an innings (7) OPENERS (Direct)
3 Eagerly the actress comes up on the borders of Lake City (6) AVIDLY (actress=DIVA=>actress comes up=AVID, borders of Lake City=LY=>AVID+LY)
4 Dig it, gaze wildly at the mule-like animal (9) DZIGGETAI (ana. DIG IT GAZE)
5 Royal authority talked about precipitation (5) REIGN (precipitation=RAIN, talked about is the homonym indicator=>hence REIGN)
7 Ancient painter sees crazy ogler going round the Election Commission (2,5) EL GRECO (ana. OGLER + EC for Election Commission)
8 Itinerants' tip: "Art pieces are vandalized" (12) PERIPATETICS (ana. TIP+ART+PIECES)
11 Battle out for a writing pad (6) TABLET (ana. BATTLE)
12 New physical appearances in motor races (12) INCARNATIONS (in=IN, motor=CAR, races=NATIONS)
17 Bollywood, for one (9) MOVIELAND (Direct)
18 Periods of enchantment (6) SPELLS (Double meaning)
20 A bird gets a negative in Italy (7) RAVENNA (A bird=RAVEN, a negative=NA)
22 Enormous in tacit arrangement (7) TITANIC (ana. IN TACIT)
23 Sore at the tip of one's finger (6) AGNAIL (Direct)
25 It gives support to an artist's work (5) EASEL (Direct)