Monday, December 27, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8175 Solutions

1 The difference between exports and imports — is it a banal defect or otherwise? (7,2,5) BALANCE OF TRADE (ana. A BANAL DEFECT OR)
8 Fighter in the outskirts of Alipore is related by descent (6) AGNATE (Fighter=GNAT, outskirts of Alipore=AE => Fighter in the outskirts of Alipore = A(GNAT)E)
9 Daughter, scraping, gets a beating (8) DRUBBING (Daughter=D, scraping=RUBBING => D+RUBBING)
11 Skin eruption — first of boils in fleshy outgrowth on bird's head (9) CARBUNCLE (first of boils=B, fleshy outgrowth on bird's head=CARUNCLE => first of boils in fleshy outgrowth on bird's head = CAR(B)UNCLE)
12 University teacher admits the old senior member of group (5) DOYEN (University teacher=DON, the old=YE (old English for 'the')=>University teacher admits the old = D(OY)EN)
13 Fasteners to put the French in American money (7) BUCKLES (the French=LE, American money=BUCKS=>put the French in American money = BUCK(LE)S)
15 Jumbo tooth, say, one of several found in region of central Italy (7) TUSCANY (Jumbo tooth=TUSK=>TUSC(say is the homonym indicator), one of several=ANY => TUSC+ANY)
17 Slow down? Quite the reverse (5,2) HURRY UP (Direct)
19 He likes to stash things away but finds it more difficult to conceal love (7) HOARDER (more difficult=HARDER, love=O=>more difficult to conceal love = H(O)ARDER)
21 East European with English serf (5) SLAVE (East European=SLAV, English=E => SLAV+E)
23 Something to keep mosquitoes e.g. away and drive back large worker (9) REPELLANT (drive back=REPEL, large=L, worker=ANT => REPEL+L+ANT)
25 One giving life to Tom, Jerry and so on (8) ANIMATOR (Direct)
26 Proceed to make amends (6) REPAIR (Direct)
27 Wilde's work, the perfect mate (2,5,7) AN IDEAL HUSBAND (Direct)

1 Young Teddy cooked in a barbecue endlessly (4,3) BEAR CUB (barbecue endlessly=BARBECUE-E=>cooked in a barbecue endlessly=ana. BARBECU)
2 Recluse brings unity between two sides (5) LONER (unity=ONE, two sides=L & R=>unity between two sides = L(ONE)R)
3 Words that those charged want to hear (3,6) NOT GUILTY (Cryptic Defn.)
4 Something surrendered — it supports lousy offer (7) FORFEIT (ana. IT+OFFER)
5 Violent attack around capital of Bolivia (5) RABID (attack=RAID, capital of Bolivia=B=>attack around capital of Bolivia = RA(B)ID)
6 One working in a milk unit, a daughter amid airy confusion (9) DAIRYMAID (ana. D(daughter)+AMID+AIRY)
7 Representative office of a general, conservative, last of many (6) AGENCY (a=A, general=GEN, conservative=C, last of many=Y => A+GEN+C+Y)
10 Statute book? (4) ACTS (Direct)
14 An avatar not trendy makes a bloomer (9) CARNATION (An avatar=INCARNATION, trendy=IN=>An avatar not trendy=INCARNATION-IN)
16 Allen's SMS is about being little (9) SMALLNESS (ana. ALLENS SMS)
17 Cavalryman in a rush as directed (6) HUSSAR (ana. RUSH AS)
18 Character in a play sheltered by campers on a spree (7) PERSONA (Container => camPERS ON A spree)
19 Old comedian's aspiration (4) HOPE (Old comedian=BOB HOPE)
20 Queen, upset, weary, is no longer working (7) RETIRED (Queen=ER=>Queen, upset=RE, weary=TIRED => RE+TIRED)
22 Antelope on oriental ground (5) ELAND (oriental=E, ground=LAND => E+LAND)
24 The position of a yogi perhaps (5) ASANA (Direct)