Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8178 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Noisy worker tailing reticent chap (7) CLAMANT (worker=ANT, reticent chap=CLAM=> worker tailing reticent chap=ANT following CLAM=CLAM+ANT)
5 Bright morning in existence (7) BEAMING (morning=AM, existence=BEING, morning in existence=BE(AM)ING)
9 A fall, in the main, is insignificant and has very little effect (1,4,2,3,5) A DROP IN THE OCEAN (A=A, fall=DROP, in the=IN THE, main=OCEAN)
10 Rotten foreign money, including odd ones in coin (6) RANCID (foreign money=RAND, odd ones in coin=odd letters of COIN=CI=>foreign money, including odd ones in coin=RAN(CI)D)
11 Trousers designed for fallen Poles (8) FLANNELS (ana. FALLEN+NS(Poles))
13 On being upset, church admits act with some melodic music (8) NOCTURNE (On bein upset=reverse of ON=NO, church=CE, act=TURN=>church admits act=C(TURN)E => NO+CTURNE)
15 Record of events old Indian coins about student (6) ANNALS (old Indian coins=ANNAS, syudent=L=>old Indian coins about student = ANNA(L)S)
18 Be about to manage one country (6) BRUNEI (Be=BE, manage=RUN=>Be about to manage=B(RUN)E, one=I => BRUNE+I)
19 Treat heat with drug, girl! (8) DAUGHTER (ana. HEAT+DRUG)
22 Huxley's work opposing church? Yes (5,3) ANTIC HAY (opposing=ANTI, church=CH, Yes=AY => ANTI+CH+AY)
24 Such a character has a list (6) ITALIC (Cryptic Defn. => list means tilt)
27 Famous rock of India, now in Britain (8,7) KOHINOOR DIAMOND (Direct)
28 It helps the boat travel past oil spill (7) TOPSAIL (ana. PAST OIL)
29 Teams formed one by one (7) ELEVENS (one=1, one=1 => one by one=11)

1 Silly rag in church produces annoyance (7) CHAGRIN (ana. RAG IN CH(church))
2 Expert in a protective cover (5) APRON (Expert=PRO, a=AN=>Expert in a = A(PRO)N)
3 Lit up, made drunk in abundance (9) AMPLITUDE (ana. LIT UP MADE)
4 Shade of colour can start tarnishing (4) TINT
5 He goes up, outwardly fearless, to observe... (6) BEHOLD (He goes up=EH, fearless=BOLD=>He goes up, outwardly fearless=B(EH)OLD)
6 ... a fruit in a cereal plant (5) ACORN (a=A, cereal plant=CORN => A+CORN)
7 Twisted leg in a net, got awkward (9) INELEGANT (ana. LEG IN A NET)
8 The origin of the first of the books (7) GENESIS (Double Defn.)
12, 17 Unspecified time of 24 hours (3,3) ONE DAY (direct)
14 Trying place, a liner, for romance (9) COURSTSHIP (Trying place=COURT, liner=SHIP => COURT+SHIP)
16 Bargain for it: get one a fresh spell (9) NEGOTIATE (ana. IT GET ONE A)
18 Guant in gamble, gets warm cover (7) BLANKET (Gaunt=LANK, gamble=BET=>Guant in gamble=B(LANK)ET)
20 Goes back, like the top growth of some people (7) RECEDES (top growth=HAIR, as in a receding hairline)
21 That's right in Germany (6) _A_O_L
23 Flowering plant from a conservative girl (5) CANNA (conservative=C, girl=ANNA => C+ANNA)
25 Imprecise-such talk lacks propriety (5) LOOSE (Double Defn.)
26 Had zeal: concealed a tool (4) ADZE (Container => hAD ZEal)


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