Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8172 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Many do fiddle with the machine (6) DYNAMO (ana. MANY DO)
4 He's in a disreputable club and with it he can stick (8) ADHESIVE (a=A, distreputable club=DIVE, He's=HES => He's in a disreputable club=HES in ADIVE = AD(HES)IVE
10 Always to be in the right, that's the dream (7) REVERIE (Always=EVER, right=R, that's=IE => Always to be in the right, that's=EVER in RIE = R(EVER)IE)
11 Wiped out Henry quietly — he was defeated (7) WHIPPED (ana. WIPED+H(Henry)+P(quietly))
12 An accepted standard of behaviour in society is a rule (4) NORM (Double Defn.)
13 Simple-minded individuals (10) HERBALISTS (Cryptic defn. => a secondary meaning of Simple is medicinal plant/herb)
16 Gives the impression they're stuck on (6) STAMPS (Direct)
17 In relating to the god of war there is breakdown of martial affairs (7) MARTIAL (I think the compiler intended the word 'marital' instead of 'martial'. Then the answer would have been an anagram of 'marital'. Looks like there's been a typo. If not, a ridiculous clue.)
20 Appendices finish up in the river in Italy (7) ADDENDA (finish up=END, river in Italy=ADDA => finish up in the river in Italy=END in ADDA = ADD(END)A)
21 Set course for the headwaters of the river (6) SOURCE (ana. COURSE)
24 Sailor may hesitate to take allowance, but it's not the norm (10) ABERRATION (Sailor=AB, may hesitate=ER, allowance=RATION => AB+ER+RATION)
25 Information received, thanks to the lawyer (4) DATA (lawyer=DA, thanks=TA)
27 He is a worker, gets on at ten (7) ANTONIO (a worker=ANT, on=ON, ten=IO => ANT+ON+IO)
29 One does not continue giving a plug (7) STOPPER (Double Defn.)
30 Where striker stands for a pay rise? (8) INCREASE (striker=batter or batsman. Now, where does a striker stand? IN CREASE of course)
31 In high spirits when editor admitted to not being on time (6) ELATED (editor=ED, not being on time=LATE => editor admitted to not being on time=E(LATE)D)

1 A state of ignorance (8) DARKNESS
2 Don't give up vulgar way of referring to a dice (5,3,3) NEVER SAY DIE (Cryptic Defn.)
3 Rome possibly is greater in size (4) MORE (ana. ROME)
5 Gloomy indication by the conductor of musical stress (8) DOWNBEAT (Double Defn.)
6 Garden paling puts Spanish uncle in high spirits (10) ETIOLATION (Spanish uncle=TIO(means uncle in spanish), high spirits=ELATION => Spanish uncle in high spirits=TIO in ELATION => E(TIO)LATION)
7 A scion of a family (3) IMP (Direct)
8 He can be a possible heir (6) ELDEST (Direct)
9 A cap for the Basque (5) BERET (Direct)
14 Cover for the flight (5,6) STAIR CARPET (a flight of stairs)
15 One wrapping soft fruit with an air (10) APPEARANCE (One=ACE, soft=P, fruit=PEAR, an=AN => One wrapping soft fruit with an=P.PEAR.AN in ACE = A(PPEARAN)CE)
18 Published books in different forms (8) EDITIONS (Direct)
19 Made good on returning (8) REPAIRED (Direct)
22 A long expedition involving meticulous planning (6) SAFARI (Direct)
23 Slide down on a sledge (5) COAST (Double Defn.)
26 Heard a foul was committed on this bird (4 ) FOWL (FOUL is the homonym of FOWL)
28 It upset many with an involuntary habitual response (3) TIC (It upset=TI, many=C => TI+C)