Monday, December 27, 2004

The Hindu Crossword No. 2586 Solutions

1 Copy — salesman left one with accountant (7) REPLICA (salesman=REP, left=L, one=I, accountant=CA => REP+L+I+CA)
5 Friend, 7 — look out for his place? (7) COCKPIT (ref. to 7 dn PILOT)
9 Hungarian composer's record heard (5) LISZT (homonym of LIST(record))
10 Entertaining moody Cambridge sportsman (5,4) LIGHT BLUE?? (Entertaining=LIGHT, moody=BLUE => is this the colour of the Cambridge university sports jersey? not sure)
11 Jackal? Civil Service backing one seeking retribution (9) SCAVENGER (Civil Service=CS=>Civil Service backing=SC, one seeking retribution=AVENGER => SC+AVENGER)
12 Brief letters attack revolutionary (5) NOTES (attack=SET ON=>attack revolutionary=reverse of SETON)
13 Seasonal song - its charm's exploited by girl (9,5) CHRISTMAS CAROL (its charm's exploited=ana. ITS CHARMS=CHRISTMAS, girl=CAROL)
17 What one may expect from a trichologist? Yes and no (5,9) SHOCK TREATMENT (??)
19 A losing hazard at home and away (2-3) IN-OFF (ref. to Billiards, at home=IN, away=OFF)
21 Cast a spell on daughter on way in (9) ENTRANCED (daughter=D, on the way in=ENTRANCE=>daughter on way in=ENTRANCE+D)
22 Play Ravel— this, possibly (3,6) THE RIVALS (ana. RAVEL THIS)
23 Garnish made from first-rate oil abroad (5) AIOLI (first-rate=AI, oil abroad=ana. OIL=OLI => AI+OLI)
24 Difference of opinion is conveyed after onset of dispute (7) DISSENT (onset of dispute=DIS, conveyed=SENT => DIS+SENT)
25 Pardon girl ringing home (7) AMNESTY (girl=AMY, home=NEST => girl ringing home=AMY going aorund NEST = AM(NEST)Y)

1 Look forward to savoury preserve (6) RELISH (Double Defn.)
2 Nut is apt to wander over most of Greek island (9) PISTACHIO (is apt to wander=ana. IS APT=PISTA, Greek island=CHIOS=>most of Greek island=CHIO => PISTA+CHIO)
3 Behind bars frequently, I'm last to change, almost, but not quite, too late (2,3,4,2,4) IN THE NICK OF TIME (??)
4 Reptile snapping at gorilla (9) ALLIGATOR (ana. AT GORILLA)
5 U.S. soldier pulled up in vehicle for a smoke (5) CIGAR (U.S. soldier=GI=>U.S. soldier pulled up=IG, vehicle=CAR => U.S. soldier pulled up in vehicle = C(IG)AR)
6 Abundant supply of cognac and mead aunt and I poured out (3,3,4,5) CUT AND COME AGAIN (ana. COGNAC+MEAD+AUNT+I))
7 Guide the Italian aboard vessel (5) PILOT (Italian=IL, vessel=POT=>Italian aboard vessel=P(IL)OT)
8 People in authority holding girl up in Greek region (8) THESSALY (People in authority=THEY, girl=LASS=>girl up=SSAL=>People in authority holding girl up=THE(SSAL)Y)
14 Film a tennis star out East I ace (9) ANASTASIA (a=A,tennis star out East=NASTASE-E=NASTAS,I=I,ace=A => A+NASTAS+I+A)
15 Meet single explorer crossing extremes of Arctic (3,6) RUN ACROSS (single=RUN (as in cricket), explorer=ROSS, extremes of Arctic=AC=>ACROSS)
16 Helped fathead with variety of diets (8) ASSISTED (fathead=ASS, variety of diets=ana. DIETS=ISTED => ASS+ISTED)
18 New toy did strange thing (6) ODDITY (New toy did=ana. TOY DID)
20 Writes nothing at first, then expands (5) OPENS (Writes=PENS, nothing=O=>Writes nothing at first = O+PENS)
21 Former simulation, accurate in all details (5) EXACT (Former=EX, simulation=ACT => EX+ACT)