Monday, January 03, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2587 Solutions

1 Good old boy, hit, is utterly astonished (10) GOBSMACKED (Good=G, old boy=OB, hit=smacked => G+OB+SMACKED)
6 Miss sleep after onset of shingles (4) SKIP (sleep=KIP, onset of shingles=1st letter of shingles=S=>sleep after onset of shingles = S+KIP)
10 To walk at a leisurely place could be second nature abroad (7) SAUNTER (ana. S(second)+NATURE)
11 Duck with orange cooked using this herb (7) OREGANO (ana. O(duck as in cricket)+ORANGE)
12 Behave inappropriately in outpost and feel silly (4,3,2,4) STEP OUT OF LINE (ana. IN OUTPOST FEEL)
14 Fool crossing by very deep chasm (5) ABYSS (Fool=ASS, by=BY=>Fool crossing by = A(BY)SS)
15 Mate hated with awful headgear (6,3) COCKED HAT (Mate=COCK(??..Male would've been more apt. Is there a typo?)+ ana. HATED)
17 Late news — `containers overturned by crowd' (4,5) STOP PRESS (containers=POTS=>containers overturned=STOP, crowd=PRESS)
19 Learning about one valley famous for its wines (5) LOIRE (Learning=LORE, one=I=>Learning about one=LO(I)RE)
21 Germans turned out in pants, perhaps (13) UNDERGARMENTS (ana. GERMANS+TURNED)
24 Rush next to very large English flower (3,4) TEA ROSE (Rush=TEAR, very large=OS(over-sized), English=E => TEAR+OS+E)
25 Legal action by head, foolish person (7) NUTCASE (Legal action=CASE, head=NUT(skull), Legal action by head = NUT+CASE)
26 Travel free on expresses, originally (4) RIDE (free=RID, expressses originally=E => RID+E)
27 Carol, in SE county, working for palace (10) KENSINGTON (Carol=SING(verb), SE county=KENTON(county in dunno which country)=>Carol, in SE county=KEN(SING)TON)

1 Initially grass snake causes short intake of breath (4) GASP (Initially grass=G, snake=ASP => G+ASP)
2 Theoretical sign of a nice day? (4-3) BLUE-SKY (Direct)
3 Head of religious community, old lady seen by Lake (6,8) MOTHER SUPERIOR (old lady=MOTHER, lake=SUPERIOR (Lake Superior))
4 Worry, about to handle ornamental tablet (9) CARTOUCHE (Worry=CARE, to handle=TOUCH=>Worry, about to handle=CAR(TOUCH)E)
5 Eastern club getting hold of old German vessel (1-4) E-BOAT (Eastern=E, club=BAT, old=O=>club getting hold of old=B(OA)AT)
7 After first of kickbacks, vanish mysteriously, like a rogue (7) KNAVISH (first of kickbacks=K, vanish mysteriously=ana. VANISH=NAVISH => K+NAVISH)
8 Suitable fixtures for houses? (10) PROPERTIES (suitable=PROPER, fixtures=TIES => PROPER+TIES)
9 Meat dish, capital after complaint (4,10) BEEF WELLINGTON (capital=WELLINGTON, compalint=BEEF)
13 Musical instrument suits Arab playing a bit of Gershwin inside (4,6) BASS GUITAR (ana. SUITS+ARAB+G(a bit of Gershwin))
16 Names sect breaking windows (9) CASEMENTS (ana. NAMES+SECT)
18 Excessively cautious person in card game (3,4) OLD HAND
20 Second Saint crucified (NT) (7) INSTANT (ana. SAINT+NT)
22 Girl from Belgrade, lexicographer (5) ADELE (Container => BelgrADE LExicographer)
23 Put article in study for college official (4) DEAN (article=A, study=DEN=>Put article in study=DE(A)N)