Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8205 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Loner is about to accept crafty clues (7) RECLUES (about=RE, crafty clues=CLUSE=>about to accept crafty clues = RE+CLUSE)
5 Emphatic approval for Public Law inspection (7) PLAUDIT (Public Law=PL, inspection=AUDIT => PL+AUDIT)
9 Emotion-packed means of reaching a higher level? (6,9) MOVING STAIRCASE (Cryptic Defn.)
10 Dawn in an old place, golden: auspicious start (6) AURORA (old place=AUR??, golden=OR, auspicious start=A => AUR+OR+A)
11 Tame show has to be revised a bit (8) SOMEWHAT (ana. TAME+SHOW)
13 Bleating about, that is manifest (8) TANGIBLE (Bleating about=ana. BLEATING)
15 Old boy is overdue, he is devoted to the religious life (6) OBLATE (Old boy=OB, overdue=LATE => OB+LATE)
18 People in the household are people with maturity (6) MENAGE (people=MEN, maturity=AGE=>people with maturity = MEN+AGE)
19 Player in a group is a bad man, flirting with Poles (8) BANDSMAN (bad man, flirting with Poles=ana. BAD+MAN+NS(poles))
22 A guide in the sky burdens sailor (8) LOADSTAR (burdens=LOADS, sailor=TAR => LOADS+TAR)
24 A tool to cut up GI's jaw (6) JIGSAW (cut up GI's jaw=ana. GIS+JAW)
27 Susan, the dope, can be misled by something that is easily decided (4,3,4,4) OPEN AND SHUT CASE (ana. SUSAN+THE+DOPE+CAN)
28 Obscuration caused by a blow in one direction (7) ECLIPSE
29 Quiet worker, the girl's a big cat (7) PANTHER (Quiet=P, worker=ANT, the girl=HER => P+ANT+HER)

1 Men rant about what is left (7) REMNANT (Men rant about=ana. MEN+RANT)
2 Fellow with the right disguise (5) COVER (Fellow=COVE, right=R=>Fellow with the right = COVE+R)
3 Discouraging a gunner in distress about victory (9) UNNERVING (ana. GUNNER+IN+V(victory))
4 Relax when in East European capital (4) EASE (when=AS, East=E, European capital=E=>when in East European capital = E(AS)E)
5 Lighthouse — Harpo's design (6) PHAROS (Harpo's design = ana. HARPOS)
6 Give consent to accept a note in time (5) AGREE (note=RE, time=AGE=>note in time = AG(RE)E)
7 Light regulator distorts a dim graph (9) DIAPHRAGM (distorts a dim graph = ana. A+DIM+GRAPH)
8 Scene of operations (7) THEATRE (Direct)
12 Smart but disease-spreading creature (3) FLY (Doube Defn.)
14 Peerless example that is plainer on reconstruction (9) NONPAREIL (plainer on reconstruction = ana. PLAINER+ON)
16 Game for a long drink? (9) BADMINTON (Double Defn.)
17 Lawyers' watering hole (3) BAR (Double Defn.)
18 Sugar may melt so, a novelty (7) MALTOSE (melt so, a novelty = ana. MELT+SO+A)
20 A time for pious resolutions (3,4) NEW YEAR (Direct)
21 Source of light revealed in magic and legerdemain (6) CANDLE (Container => magiC AND LEgerdemain)
23 Keen kind of musical note (5) SHARP (Double Defn.)
25 Maiden in a belt is a big hit (5) SMASH (Maiden=M, a belt=SASH=>Maiden in a belt = S(M)ASH)
26 To inform against another is quiet work (4) SHOP (quiet=SH, work=OP => SH+OP)


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