Friday, February 18, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8220 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Avoid trouble on the golf links, perhaps (4,3) BAIL OUT (Direct)
5 They will raise many a laugh (6) COMICS (Direct)
9 Choose an exclusive group of people (5) ELECT (Direct)
10 She and Adrian calculated a Jewish month (4,5) ADAR SHENI (She and Adrian calculated = ana. SHE+ADRIAN)
11 Rituals expressing an attribute of Shiva (7) TRISULA (Rituals expressing = ana. RITUALS)
12 The be-all and end-all of German city church (7) ESSENCE (German city=ESSEN, church=CE => ESSEN+CE)
13 Yarn in Karnataka's capital is extremely loose (5) INKLE (in=IN, Karnataka's capital=K, extremely loose=extreme letters of LoosE=LE=>Karnataka's capital is extremely loose = IN+K+LE)
14 Accept a pig that imbibes liquor (5,4) TAKES WINE (accept=TAKE, a pig=SWINE)
16 Reaper, get nimbly to a growth in the orchard (5,4) GRAPE TREE (Reaper, get nimbly = ana. REAPER+GET)
19 It is set up to hold spectacles (5) ARENA (Direct)
21 Inquisitive about parent dressing (7) PROBING (parent=P, dressing=ROBING => P+ROBING)
23 Donator noticed to be yielding fragrances (7) ODORANT (Donator noticed to be yielding = ana. ODORANT)
24 If you do, you'll have a running nose (5,4) CATCH COLD (Direct)
25 Sound rejection is by the Orient (5) NOISE (rejection=NO, is=IS, Orient=E=>rejection is by the Orient = NO+IS+E)
26 Church official assembles stone around ten (6) SEXTON (assembles stone=ana. STONE=SETON, ten=X=>assembles stone around ten = SE(X)TON)
27 Think highly of some theatre spectators (7) RESPECT (Container => theatRE SPECTators)

1 Chap began rites tortuously: what is needed is respite (9,5) BREATHING SPACE (Chap began rites tortuously = ana. CHAP+BEGAN+RITES)
2 Area of frozen water for skaters (3,4) ICE RINK (Direct)
3 Old boy spot on about dead project (7) OBTRUDE (Old boy=OB)
4 Does he ever have a cuppa to the brim? (3,6) TEA TASTER (Cryptic Defn.)
5 She has a fifty in temporary keeping (5) CLARE (fifty=L, temporary keeping=CARE=>in temporary keeping = C(L)ARE)
6 Treats badly (7) MISUSES (Direct)
7 Enchain loosely to a capital city in India (7) CHENNAI (Enchain loosely = ana. ENCHAIN)
8 It comes to the rescue of those with a burning problem (4,10) FIRE DEPARTMENT (Cryptic Defn.)
15 Hold the directive to maintain propriety (4,5) KEEP ORDER (Hold=Keep, the directive=ORDER)
17 A job to the French champion (7) APOSTLE (A=A, job=POST, the French=LE)
18 Pete hit out: there emerges an abusive word (7) EPITHET (Pet hit out = ana. PETE+HIT)
19 Is in great quantities (7) AMOUNTS (Direct)
20 The girl is up on the borders of Vellore, but still not direct in answers (7) EVASIVE (Girl=EVA, is up=SI, borders of Vellore=VE=>The girl is up on the borders of Vellore = EVA+SI+VE)
22 Mature, but heard to indicate pain (5) GROWN (pain-GROAN=>heard the homonym indicator=>sounds like GROWN)