Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2593 Solutions

1 Notice only change (6) ADJUST (Notice=AD, only=JUST => AD+JUST)
4 Work on, repeatedly dipping into drink (6,2) SOFTEN UP (Double Defn.)
10 The radio broadcast, about 11, exposes Greek goddess? (9) APHRODITE (The radio broadcast=ana. THE+RADIO=AHRODITE, 11=P(why??)=>The radio broadcast, about 11 = A(P)HRODITE)
11 Energy authority (5) POWER (Double Defn.)
12 Brutal mob in situation worsened by attempts to solve it (7,6) VICIOUS CIRCLE (Brutal=VICIOUS, mob=CIRCLE)
15 Tenant wearing dress (7) INHABIT (wearing=IN, dress=HABIT => IN+HABIT)
16 Section of government - it leaked name (7) ENTITLE (Container => governmENT - IT LEaked)
17 Dope in inferior position? (3-4) LOW-DOWN (Double Defn.)
19 Put in quarantine, one thus gets delayed (7) ISOLATE (one=I, thus=SO, delayed=LATE=>one thus gets delayed = I+SO+LATE)
20 Makes a favourable impression on the game colonel following snub (3,3,7) CUT SOME MUSTARD (snub=CUT, the=THE, game colonel=MUSTARD(??))
22 Topic during foot-and- mouth emergency (5) THEME (Container => mouTH EMErgency)
24 Natives - number abandoned on it, alas (9) NATIONALS (abandoned is the ana. ind. => N(number)+ON+IT+ALAS)
25 Rat in waste, rolling about (8) DESERTER(waste=DESERT, about=RE=>rolling about=reverse of RE=ER=>waste, rolling about = DESERT+ER)
26 Drinking spree in makeshift shelter (6) BENDER (Double Defn.)

1 Having started a course (4) AWAY (a=A, course=WAY => A+WAY)
2 Unorthodox Jews have this son, one preaching the Second Coming (8,7) JEHOVAHS WITNESS (Unorthodox Jews have this son = ana. JEWS+HAVE+THIS+SON, 'unorthodox' is the ana. ind.)
3 Put whisky in front of the two swallowing drop of rice soup (6,5) SCOTCH BROTH (whisky=SCOTCH, two=BOTH, drop of Rice=R=>two swallowing drop of rice=B(R)OTH)
5 Manage part of poem written in Old English (7) OVERSEE (part of poem=VERSE, Old English=OE=>part of poem written in Old English = O(VERSE)E)
6 Finest spinner (3) TOP (Double Defn.)
7 Warned cold nasty criminal in police HQ (3,8,4) NEW SCOTLAND YARD (Warned cold nasty criminal = ana. WARNED+COLD+NASTY, criminal is the ana. ind.)
8 Salesman hung up, cut off, but didn't give up (10) PERSEVERED (Salesman=REP=>Salesman hung up=reverse of REP=PER, cut off=SEVERED=>Salesman hung up, cut off = PER+SEVERED)
9 Disappear? That is in doubt, though bishop's missing (3,3) DIE OUT (That is=IE, doubt, though bishop's missing=DOUBT-B(bishop)=DOUT=>That is in doubt, though bishop's missing=IE in DOUT => D(IE) OUT)
13 Opera lover at riot? Unlikely (2,9) IL TROVATORE (lover at riot? Unlikely = ana. LOVER+AT+RIOT, 'unlikely' is the ana. ind.)
14 Found under piece of debris one's put out (10) DISLOCATED (Found=LOCATED, piece of Debris=D, one's=IS=>Found under piece of debris one's = D+IS+LOCATED)
18 One proposed for election in old colliery in the north-east (7) NOMINEE (old=O, colliery=MINE, north-east=NE=>old colliery in the north-east = N(O+MINE)E)
19 This cannot describe units I just repositioned (2,4) IN SITU (units I just repositioned = ana. UNITS+I)
21 Emperor and son taken aboard by sailor (4) TSAR (son=S, sailor=TAR=>son taken aboard by sailor = T(S)AR)
23 Make a mistake with bishop, bringing on end of game (3) ERR (bishop=RR, end of game=last letter of game=E=>with bishop, bringing on end of game = E+RR)


Chaturvasi said...

The 11 in that clue was a reference to the answer of the clue numbered 11. The answer was 'power', from which we get 'p'.