Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8223 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Teach how old continental currency heartened the Early English (7) EDUCATE (old continental currency=DUCAT, Early English=EE=>old continental currency heartened the Early English = E(DUCAT)E)
5 Hard to escape in this situation (7) IMPASSE (Direct)
10 A nursing nun (6) SISTER (Direct)
11 Defenceless rams tumbling in met their death (8) DISARMED (rams tumbling=ana. RAMS=SARM, met their death=DIED=>rams tumbling in met their death=SARM in DIED = DI(SARM)ED)
12 Female divinity at one time seen in article repeatedly (6) ATHENA (at one time=THEN, article=A=>article repeatedly=AA=>at one time seen in article repeatedly = A(THEN)A)
13 Last to include many a woman, it's realised (8) ENCASHED (Last=END, many=C, a=A, woman=SHE=>Last to include many a woman=EN(C+A+SHE)D)
14 Listen otherwise there is nothing to hear (6) SILENT (Listen otherwise = ana. LISTEN)
15 Provided it was used as a nest by the hen (4,2) LAID ON
18 Dedicated man arranging outside broadcast at the last minute (6) OBLATE (outside broadcast=OB, the last minute=LATE=>arranging outside broadcast at the last minute = OB+LATE)
20 Shy about gag made to have long rough and loose hair (6) SHAGGY (Shy about gag made = ana. SHY+GAG)
23 Mend a dud adaptor, though that's extra (8) ADDENDUM (Mend a dud adaptor = ana. MEND+A+DUD)
25 How the prisoner wrote (6) PENNED (Cryptic defn. -- A prison is housed in a pen)
26 Check balance before the fall (8) RESTRAIN (balance=REST, fall=RAIN=>balance before the fall = REST+RAIN)
27 To charge air, there's art involved at each point (6) AERATE (art involved=ana. ART, each point=EE=>art involved at each point=E(RAT)E -- no clue where the extra A comes from)
28 Turn to list — that's made to serve some purpose (7) UTILISE (Turn=U, list=LIST, that's=IE=>Turn to list — that's made = ana. U+LIST+IE)
29 Late for now to turn around to praise excessively (7) ADULATE (now=AD, turn=U, late=LATE)

2 Splits with daughter and then wanders around (6) DRIFTS (daughter=D, splits=RIFTS=>Splits with daughter = D+RIFTS)
3 The broken heart I can mend, lady (9) CATHERINA (ana. HEART+I+CAN -- there are 2 ana. inds. here - 'broken' and 'mend')
4 Open gallery at the side (7) TERRACE (irect)
6 Claim made to us of having skill in expressing harmonious melody (7) MUSICAL (Claim made to us = ana. CLIAM+US -- I reserve my comments about the way the clue has been constructed and how the anagram has been indicated)
7 Cares for large areas of land (5) ACRES (Cares for = ana. CARES)
8 Ordered leeks by the ton, but still a bony figure (8) SKELETON (Ordered leeks=ana. LEEKS, ton=TON=>Ordered leeks by the ton = SKELE+TON)
9 This notice determines VAT coding (13) ADVERTISEMENT (determines VAT coding = ana. DETERMINES+VAT)
16 Usually, I learn, contrived to conceal information (2,7) IN GENERAL (I learn, contrived=ana. I+LEARN=IN ERAL, information=GEN=>I learn, contrived to conceal information=IN (GEN)ERAL)
17 Honour one plunged in depression for being submissive (8) OBEDIENT (Honour=OBE(Order of the British Empire), one=I, depression=DENT=>one plunged in depression=DIENT=>one plunged in depression for being submissive = OBE+D(I)ENT)
19 Arouses affection as he finally listens (7) ENDEARS (finally=END, listens=EARS => END+EARS)
21 A dual organised very quietly receives praise (7) APPLUAD (A dual organised very quietly = ana. A+DUAL+PP(very quietly))
22 Small group prepared to include physical training with energy (6) SEPTET (physical training=PT, energy=E, prepared=SET=>prepared to include physical training with energy=SE(PT+E)T)
24 Old lot turn to praise (5) EXTOLD (Old=EX, lot turn=reverse of LOT=TOL => EX+TOL)