Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8221 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 + (4,4) PLUS SIGN (Direct)
5 Thus takes a police visual (6) SCOPIC (Thus=SIC, a police=COP)
10 Interpreting this may give you "slot" (3,4) ODD LOTS ("slot" is an anagram of LOTs=>ODD LOTS, don't get the defn. though)
11 Two different vehicles make a taxi service (7) AUTOCAB (Tow different vehicles = AUTO+CAB)
12 Somehow sit one at the usual location (2-4) ON-SITE (Somehow sit-one = ana. SIT+ONE)
13 Relax, as the storm has ceased (4,4) WIND DOWN (Double Defn.)
15 Fish a concluding section (4) CODA (Fish=COD, a=A => COD+A)
16 Not a true beginning of race, perhaps (5,5) FALSE START (Not a true=FALSE, beginning of race=START)
18 Not long on the staff of life? Have some cake! (5,5) SHORT BREAD (Not long=SHORT)
20 Hurried to one queen (4) RANI (hurried=RAN, one=I=>Hurried to one = RAN+I)
23 Familiar relation (3,5) OLD STORY (Cryptic Defn.)
24 Did his method to yogic power (6) SIDDHI (Did his method = ana. DID+HIS)
26 Associated the sort with a colour (7) KINDRED (the sort=KIND, colour=RED=>the sort with a colour = KIND+RED)
27 Bell, pat is fixed the fastener in motor vehicle (3,4) LAP BELT (Bell, pat is fixed = ana. BELL+PAT)
28 Gives up profits (6) YIEDLS (Double Defn.)
29 Sir, Ryder sets up a fire protection system (3,5) DRY RISER (Sir, Ryder sets up = ana. SIR+RYDER)

1 Come, brisk, snoopy, unusual animal from Borneo! (9,6) PROBOSCIS MONKEY (Come, brisk, snoopy, unusual = ana. COME+BRISK+SNOOPY)
2 Not treated with an application (7) UNDOSED (Not treated=not DOSED)
3 Slides and runs away (6) SCOOTS (Direct)
4 The point made by the U.S. army personnel by the way (4) GIST (U.S. army personnel=GI, the way=ST=>U.S. army personnel by the way = GIST)
6 Divide a punctuation mark and make a show (3,1,4) CUT A DASH (Divide=CUT, a=A, punctuation mark=DASH)
7 Caper to show off breasts (7) PECTORA (Caper to show off = ana. CAPER+TO)
8 IBM titan sincere in wheedling to high government official (7,8) CABINET MINISTER (IBM titan sincere in wheedling = ana. IBM+TITAN+SINCERE)
9 He enjoys the company of women (6,3) LADIES MAN (Direct)
14 Just marketing (4,5) FAIR TRADE (Direct)
17 Mentioned about the ancient city having attained full growth (8) STATURED (Mentioned=STATED, ancient city=UR=>Mentioned about the ancient city = STAT(UR)ED)
19 Rabbinic candidate in Erode drafted (7) ORDINEE (in Erode drafted = ana. IN+ERODE)
21 Speak to lawyer coming up to put on clothes (7) ADDRESS (lawyer=DA=>lawyer coming up=AD, to put on clothes=DRESS => AD+DRESS)
22 Those who have undergone major surgery are said to belong to this club (6)
25 Almost certain about learner? Play smoothly! (4) SLUR (Certain=SURE=>Almost certain=SUR, learner=L=>Almost certain about learner = S(L)UR)


Chaturvasi said...

22ac is ZIPPER. See my comments in Ganesh's orkut group.
If you interpret the phrase ODD SLOT, that is, if the letters in the word SLOT are seen in an ODD way, you get 'lots'.