Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8207 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Queensberry rules — what one expects in boxing, say (4,4) FAIR PLAY (Direct)
5 A daughter chooses and takes as one's own (6) ADOPTS (A=A, daughter=D, chooses=OPTS => A+D+OPTS)
10 Skin is cut off (5) CUTIS (is cut off=ana. IS+CUT)
11 Handle some timber, dry timber used as tinder (9) TOUCHWOOD (Handle=TOUCH, some timber=WOOD)
12 Fixed firmly in the mind by reading trendy novel (9) INGRAINED (reading trendy novel=ana. READING+IN)
13 Slow speech is crude on the outskirts of Dindigul (5) DRAWL (crude=RAW, outskirts of Dindigul=DL=>crude on the outskirts of Dindigul = DRAWL)
14 The point of a broken thorn (5) NORTH (broken thorn=ana. THORN)
16 Good kind of diet or bad, containing clean bits (8) BALANCED (bad=BAD, clean bits=ana. CLEAN=LANCE=>bad, containing clean bits = BA(LANCE)D)
18 Persistent queen is upset in Father Time's embrace (8) FREQUENT (queen is upset=EQUEN, Father=FR, Time=T=>queen is upset in Father Time's embrace = FR(EQUEN)T)
20 Artist's aid for relaxation and a bit of leisure (5) EASEL (relaxation=EASE, a bit of leisure=L => EASE+L)
24 A lake could be a nesting place for an eagle (5) AERIE (A=A, lake=ERIE => A+ERIE)
25 Reversal in a fashionable account (9) INVERSION (fashionable=IN, account=VERSION => IN+VERSION)
27 Hunter of Moby Dick, say (9) HARPOONER (Cryptic Defn -> Moby Dick is a whale)
28 Magistrate in Venice hides daughter to avoid ... (5) DODGE (Magistrate in Venice=DOGE, daughter=D=>Magistrate in Venice hides daughter = DO(D)GE)
29 ... meteor crumbling far away (6) REMOTE (meteor crumbling = ana. METEOR)
30 Constituent pounds in stone (8) FOURTEEN (1 Stone has 14 pounds)

1 Resistance to movement loses right in falsehood (7) FICTION (Resistance to movement=FRICTION, right=R=>Resistance to movement loses right = FRICTION-R)
2 A number to greet in ecstasy (7) INTEGER (greet in ecstas = ana. GREET+IN)
3 Father accommodates a good man, providing something to eat (5) PASTA (Father=PA, a=A, good man=ST=>Father accommodates a good man = P(A+ST)A)
4 Career in Bollywood (6) ACTING (Direct)
6 Surprisingly, they dared to remove the water (9) DEHYDRATE (Surprisingly they dared = ana. THEY+DARED)
7 Matter of fact professionals upset American spies (7) PROSAIC (professionals=PROS, American spies=CIA=>upset American spies=AIC => PROS+AIC)
8 Encumbered by having a seat put on (7) SADDLED (Double Defn.)
9 Solar timekeeper (7) SUNDIAL (Direct)
15 Hard river craft, a place to stay in (9) HOUSEBOAT (Hard=H, river=OUSE, craft=BOAT => H+OUSE+BOAT)
17 The very old develop a nice tan (7) ANCIENT (develop a nice tan=ana. NICE+TAN)
18 In one's cap, it means achievement (7) FEATHER (Direct)
19 A murder staged with a tympanum (7) EARDRUM (A murder staged = ana. A+MURDER)
21 Con man's forte (7) SWINDLE (Direct)
22 The light that the Pole learnt to repair (7) LANTERN (Pole learnt to repair=ana. N(North Pole)+LEARNT)
23 Exaggerate? A lover does it here (6) OVERDO (Container => lOVER DOes)
26 Navigator's aid found by girl in expensive car (5) RADAR (girl=ADA, expensive car=Rolls Royce=RR=>girl in expensive car=R(ADA)R)