Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2594 Solutions

1 Aspiring scout, some years ago — ferocious type confronting copper, British (4,3) WOLF CUB (ferocious type=WOLF, copper=CU, British=B=>ferocious type confronting copper, British = WOLF CU+B)
5 Reportedly fed up with panel (5) BOARD (fed up=BORED=>Reportedly fed up = homonym of BORED = BOARD)
8 One may see one upriver always carrying line (5) ELVER (always=EVER, line=L=>always carrying line = E(L)VER; One may see one upriver = cryptic defn. of Elver, which is an Eel like creature usually found near the source of the river)
9 Loire surprisingly blocked by container ship (3-6) OIL TANKER (Loire surprisingly=OILER, container=TANK=>Loire surprisingly blocked by container = OIL (TANK)ER)
11 Left us keeled over and adrift on the Red Sea (4,5) PORT SUDAN (Left=PORT(as on ship), us keeled over=reverse of US=SU, and adrift=ana. AND=DAN=>Left us keeled over and adrift = PORt SU+DAN)
12 Authoritarian writer of novels, abridged (5) STERN (writer of novels=STERNE(English novelist)=>writer of novels, abridged = STERNE-E)
13 Photograph mate in front of superb cinema (7,6) PICTURE PALACE (Photograph=PICTURE, mate=PAL, superb=ACE=>Photograph mate in front of superb = PICTURE PAL+ACE)
16 Like a spy's role in a couple of tight spots? (4-3-6) HOLE-AND-CORNER (Cryptic defn.)
17 Magnificent old gold coin (5) NOBLE (Double Defn. - 1. Magnificent 2. old gold coin)
19 One married woman's no right to give cheek (9) IMPUDENCE (One=I, married=M, woman=PRUDENCE=>woman's no right=PRUDENCE-R=PUDENCE=>One married woman's no right = I+M+PUDENCE)
22 Making a mistake wearing the German pistol (9) DERRINGER (Making a mistake=ERRING, the German=DER=>Making a mistake wearing the German = D(ERRING)ER)
23 Shrub — gardener's first rambling rose (5) GORSE (gardener's first=G, rambling rose=ana. ROSE=ORSE=>gardener's first rambling rose = G+ORSE)
24 Information about a style of literature (5) GENRE (Information=GEN, about=RE => GEN+RE)
25 Roman statesman is led up, struggling (7) LEPIDUS (is led up, struggling = ana. IS+LED+UP)

1 Wife to lend a hand with puppy (5) WHELP (Wife=W, to lend a hand=HELP => W+HELP)
2 Gem found in organ by old friend (5,4) LIVER OPAL (organ=LIVER, old=O, friend=PAL=>organ by old friend = LIVER O+PAL)
3 Penny leaving Mediterranean island with American chap? (5) CYRUS (Penny=P, Mediterranean island=CYPRUS=>Penny leaving Mediterranean island = CYPRUS-P)
4 Horrific descent? Sport must involve bit of danger (13) BLOODCURDLING (descent=BLOOD, Sport=CURLING, bit of danger=D=>Sport must involve bit of danger=CUR(D)LING => BLOOD+CURDLING)
5 Ship's officer makes racket catching duck, one in Aussie river (9) BOATSWAIN (racket=BAT, duck=O, one=I, Aussie river=SWAN=>racket catching duck, one in Aussie river = B(O)AT+SWA(I)N)
6 An animal's taken over joint (5) ANKLE (An=AN, animal=ELK=>animal's taken over=reverse of ELK=KLE => AN+KLE)
7 Madden, getting one dreadfully enraged (7) DERANGE (dreadfully enraged = ana. ENRAGED)
10 NCO in car park cut colonel off (5,8) LANCE CORPORAL (cut=LANCE, colonel=CORPORAL)
14 Truce, widespread over in Cuba, still? (9) CEASEFIRE (widespread=RIFE=>widespread over=FIRE, Cuba=C, still=EASE=>widespread over in Cuba, still=C+EASE+FIRE)
15 Novel plant (6,3) A_R_N_ R_D
16 Put up with scoundrel, shamefaced (7) HANGDOG (Put up=HANG, scoundrel=DOG=>Put up with scoundrel = HANG+DOG)
18 Rail against powerful businessman (5) BARON (Rail=BAR, against=ON => BAR+ON)
20 Discover, after search, dog I'd raised (3,2) DIG UP
21 Fair, steeplechaser's opening odds (5) EVENS (Fair=EVEN, steeplechaser's opening=S => EVEN+S)