Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8225 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Chewing over 'Spitting Image' (10) REFLECTION (Double Defn.)
6 No point endlessly relating to bees (4) APIA (relating to bees=APIAN=>endlessly relating to bees = APIAN-N -- where is the direct clue??)
9 Obsolete remedy results in cover up (7) OBSCURE (Obsolete=OBS, remedy=CURE => OBS+CURE)
10 A level class in which competitors hope to be (3,4) TOP FORM (A level=TOP, class=FORM)
12 Examines closely at an official function (8) INSPECTS (Direct)
13 Ivan's labour camps (5) GULAG (Direct)
15 Edward has to back in when observed (5) NOTED (Edward=NED, to back=OT=>Edward has to back in = N(OT)ED)
17 Bill demanded to be publicly acknowledged (9) ACCLAIMED (Bill=AC, demanded=CLAIMED => AC+CLAIMED)
19 Impart knowledge to make aware (9) ENLIGHTEN (Double Defn.)
21 There is nothing on the girl to catch (5) LASSO (nothing=O, girl=LASS=>There is nothing on the girl = LASS+O)
23 Flashy headgear at air display (5) TIARA (at air display=ana. AT+AIR)
24 Bungs in the barrels (8) STOPGAPS (Direct)
27 Girl joins the others on top of the world (7) EVEREST (Girl=EVE, the others=REST=>Girl joins the others = EVE+REST)
28 First male worker is intransigent (7) ADAMANT (First male=ADAM, worker=ANT=>First male worker = ADAM+ANT)
29 Like to enter ship with band over shoulder (4) SASH (Like=AS, ship=SH??=>Like to enter ship = S(AS)H)
30 An American's floor of the brain? (5,5) UPPER STORY (Cryptic Double Defn.)

1 Trio stirred up a ruckus (4) RIOT (Trio stirred = ana. TRIO)
2 Stocking material most likely to get a catch in it (7) FISHNET (Double Defn. -- catch=catch of fish)
3 Note made with clever remark to furnish with everything needed (5) EQUIP (Note=E, clever remark=QUIP=>Note made with clever remark = E+QUIP)
4 Vigorous excavation worker (9) TRENCHANT (excavation=TRENCH, worker=ANT => TRENCH+ANT)
5 Swears to have a shot anew (5) OATHS (a shot anew = ana. A+SHOT)
7 A clue for this is a difficult matter (7) PROBLEM (Double Defn.)
8 Strengthen old fellow for final battle (10) ARMAGEDDON (Strengthen=ARM, old=AGED, fellow=DON => ARM+AGED+DON)
11 Roll of twisted tobacco (7) PIGTAIL (Direct)
14 Application for temporary accommodation occupying popular head (10) INTENTNESS (temporary accommodation=TENT, popular=IN, head=NESS=>temporary accommodation occupying popular head = IN(TENT)NESS)
16 Shame crowd finally agreed to differ (7) DEGRADE (crowd finally=D, agreed=AGREED=>crowd finally agreed to differ = ana. D+AGREED)
18 Attack with a big shot's help, it sounds (9) CANNONADE (big shot=CANNON, help=AID=>help it sounds=homonym of AID=ADE => CANNON+ADE)
20 The frontrunners (7) LEADERS (Direct)
22 Singer given concession hurried round (7) SOPRANO (concession=SOP, hurried=RAN, round=O => SOP+RAN+O -- Soln. thanks to Ganesh)
24 Arrange to begin one's own business (3,2) SET UP (Double Defn.)
25 Police informer on fellow worker (5) GRASS (Direct -- Soln. thanks to Ganesh)
26 Continue to wait in order to participate (4) STAY (Direct)