Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8212 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Never does a dunce find the school periods so simple (4,5) EASY TERMS (Direct)
6 Part of thing each door needs (5) HINGE (Container => tHING Each)
9 Combination of elements (7) AMALGAM (Direct)
10 Raised without a decent pedigree (3,4) LOW BRED (Direct)
11 Go-between negotiators (6) AGENTS (Direct)
12 Eastern verse becomes oppressive (6) SEVERE (ana. E(Eastern)+VERSE)
15 Points to my negotiator being a spy (5,5) ENEMY AGENT (Points=ENE, my=MY,negotiator=AGENT=>Points to my negotiator = ENE+MY AGENT)
16 Hearsay gossip (4) NEWS (Direct)
18 Essential foundation (4) BASE (Double Defn.)
19 Deviation of lateral bend (10) DEFLECTION (Direct)
23 Vegetables for use in bowls (6) GREENS (Direct)
25 Completed movement in series (6) STROKE (Direct)
28 Shedding granite to pieces (7) TEARING (ana. GRANITE)
29 Provisions prepared for use (7) VICTUAL (Direct)
30 Side step by trickery (5) DODGE (Direct)
31 Put things right after a bath (9) REDRESSED (Double Defn.)

1 Originate from tea name (7) EMANATE (ana. TEA+NAME -- where's the ana. ind.?)
2 Battered and out of form (9) SHAPELESS (Double Defn.)
3 Closely put together (7) TIGHTLY (Direct)
4 Beat down quietly on the inclined plane (4) RAMP (Beat down=RAM, qietly=P => RAM+P)
5 Understanding fish (4) SOLE (??)
6 Hesitate to cry out for a glaring error (6) HOWLER (Hesitate=ER, to cry out=HOWL => HOWL+ER)
7 Coolness in danger (5) NERVE (Direct)
8 Undivided whole (7) ENDLESS (Direct??)
13 White bird stuck in tangled tree (5) EGRET (ana. G+TREE -- where does the G come from?)
14 Corner of the bend (5) ANGLE (Direct)
17 Postscripts for concluding programmes (9) EPILOGUES (Direct)
18 Blindly intolerant I got into bed (7) BIGOTED (ana. I+GOT+BED)
20 Cut the ice left in the dead skin at the base of the fingernail (7) CUTICLE (ana. CUT+ICE+L(left) -- again, I don't see a satusfactory ana. ind.)
21 Provoked the sempstress? (7) NEEDLED (sempstress=tailor)
22 Request the pleasure of someone's company (6) INVITE (Direct)
24 The Spanish and English type of African deer (5) ELAND (The Spanish=EL, and=AND => EL+AND)
26 A rag back of a seaweed (4) AGAR (A=A, rag back=GAR => A+GAR)
27 We seem to aid the greedy somehow (4) AVID (We seem=V, aid=AID => ana. V+AID -- the ana. ind. i.e. 'somehow' is located at the end of the clue. How much lamer can it get??)


Ganesh T S said...

Hi Vinod,

The week so far has been screwed up as far as the quality of the crossword goes, I guess!

Tough luck, and let us hope that it improves in the next week at least!