Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8209 Solutions

1 The attitude, resulting from where one is looking (5,2,4) POINT OF VIEW (Direct)
9 Worker with time to reduce deadly sheep disease (7) ANTHRAX (Worker=ANT, time=HR, to reduce=AX => ANT+HR+AX)
10 Disturbance caused when destruction is partial (7) RUCTION (destruction is partial = part of destRUCTION)
11 Worker's monotonous sound (5) DRONE (Double Defn. - 1. Worker=Worker bee 2. monotonous sound)
12 A name to be changed for disease-carrying organism (9) ENTAMOEBA (A name to be changed = ana. A+NAME+TO+BE)
13 Bird house, possibly, of silver, found in church (4) CAGE (silver=AG, church=CE=>silver, found in church = C(AG)E)
15 To wrongly interpret a dream is sad (7) MISREAD (dream is sad = ana. DREAM+IS)
19 Fix everyone, including bishop, in table game (7) PINBALL (Fix=PIN, everyone=ALL, bishop=B=>Fix everyone, including bishop = PIN(B)ALL)
20 Tea time talk (4) CHAT (Tea=CHA, time=T => CHA+T)
24 Strength of purpose shown in daily deed with a suggestion of hesitation (9) CHARACTER (daily=CHAR(as in charwoman), deed=ACT, a suggestion of hesitation=ER => CHAR+ACT+ER)
25 At no time a part of pristine verity (5) NEVER (Container => pristiNE VERity)
27 Producing greater volume, I got into a more prying environment (7) NOISIER (I=I, more prying=NOSIER=>I got into a more prying = NO(I)SIER)
28 An idea, albeit the last of the last (7) THOUGHT (albeit=THOUGH, the last of last=last letter of lasT=T => THOUGH+T)
29 Greene's creation, Abel? (3,5,3) T_G _H_R_ M_N

1 Kinkajou goes to pot! (5) POTTO (ana. TO+POT)
2 Country that old British P.M. found headless and tailless (6) ISRAEL (old British PM=DISRAELI=>old British P.M. found headless and tailless = DISRAELI - DI)
3 They may come after unaccounted money (6) TAXMEN (Direct)
4 Police report serious — emergency help arrives (5,3) FIRST AID (Police report=FIR, serious=STAID => FIR+STAID)
5 Closed to the public but not necessarily photographed (2,6) IN CAMERA (Direct)
6 Mural coat to cover faults (9) WHITEWASH (Double Defn.)
7 A room cut short for a place for horses to be stabled (7) PADDOCK (A room=PAD, cut short=DOCK => PAD+DOCK)
8 It took a marriage to make him relative (2-3) IN_LAW (Direct)
14 Segovia for one (9) GUITARIST (Cryptic Defn.)
16 Scraping like Emery (8) ABRADING (ref. to Emery paper)
17 Could a cult harp about a Greek biographer? (8) PLUTARCH (cult harp about = ana. CULT+HARP)
18 Repeat a bit of what the waiter at eatery said (7) ITERATE (Container => waITER AT Eatery)
21 Small amount of money for perfume (5) SCENT (Small=S, amount of money=CENT => S+CENT)
22 Hole in the ground left by a bomb (6) CRATER (Direct)
23 Notify the trendy class (6) INFORM (trendy=IN, class=FORM => IN+FORM)
26 He is more than just a vegetarian (5) VEGAN (Direct)