Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8219 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Sort of writers touched by hints (4,4) FELT TIPS (touched=FELT, hints=TIPS)
5 It has to be kept untold (6) SECRET (Direct)
9 Amble leisurely in Rhode Island's earthen bank (7) REMBLAI (Amble leisurely=ana. AMBLE=EMBLA, Rhode Island=RI=>Amble leisurely in Rhode Island = R(EMBLA)I)
10 The bulk is for a kind of physics (7) QUANTUM (Double Defn.)
11 Australian port with almost unrestricted cover (9) FREMANTLE (unrestricted=FREE=>almost unrestricted=FRE,cover=MANTLE=>almost unrestricted cover = FRE+MANTLE)
12 Permission to depart (5) LEAVE (Direct)
13 Musical instrument with top portion broken is still a musical instrument (4) LUTE (Musical instrument=FLUTE=>Musical instrument with top portion broken=FLUTE-F)
14 Tara prone to change, as matters are (3,2,4) PRO RE NATA (Tara prone to change = ana. TARA+PRONE)
17 Question that will get fine answer (3,3,3) HOW ARE YOU (Cryptic Defn - FINE is the answer to How are you?)
19 City in which the pace is not so slow (4) OSLO (Container => sO SLOw -- I don't understand which part of the clue is the container indicator)
23 Sibal crushed a herb (5) BASIL (Sibal crushed = ana. SIBAL)
24 Rerun fact to unfold the skill to read magical signs (9) RUNECRAFT (Rerun fact to unfold = ana. RERUN+FACT)
25 Pirate ship (7) CORSAIR (Direct)
26 Ranges apparitions (7) SPECTRA (Double Defn.)
27 Horse going round the top of wasteland is agitated (6) STEWED (Horse=STEED, top of wasteland=1st letter of wasteland=W=>Horse going round the top of wasteland = STE(W)ED)
28 Seized cents had scattered (8) SNATCHED (cents had scattered = ana. CENTS+HAD)

1 Measures by which food is pitched into the mouth? (8) FORKFULS (Cryptic defn. - pitched as in pitch fork)
2 A doctor in a period of fasting is bright (7) LAMBENT (A=A, doctor=MB, period of fasting=LENT=>A doctor in a period of fasting = L(A+MB)ENT)
3 Frigate of model Rajasthan city (6) TALWAR (model=T, Rajasthan city=ALWAR)
4 Mistake of certain types (8,5) PRINTER'S ERROR (Cryptic defn. - types=prints -- excellent clue)
6 Making possible for the sailor to be near the fish after a measure (8) ENABLING (sailor=AB, fish=LING, measure=EN=>sailor to be near the fish after a measure = EN+AB+LING)
7 Draw back on the field (7) RETRACT (on=RE, field=TRACT=>on the field = RE+TRACT)
8 Mean to be among the strongest emperors (6) T_M_E_
10 Quinn, Gore goes round: there are strange happenings (5,6-2) QUEER GOINGS-ON (Quinn, Gore goes round = ana. QUINN+GORE+GOES)
15 Dance and mega circus at a sporting activity (4,4) BALL GAME (Dance=BALL, mega circus=ana. MEGA=GAME -- interesting use of 'circus' as an ana. ind.)
16 Left, it is alleged, for this Egyptian city (4,4) PORT SAID (Left=PORT(as on a ship), it is alleged=SAID)
18 Watch old boy dish up (7) OBSERVE (old boy=OB, dish up=SERVE => OB+SERVE)
20 Has hint about repetitive word in mantra (7) SHANTIH (Has hint about = ana. HAS+HINT)
21 Counter used by some Colaba customers (6) ABACUS (Container => ColABA CUStomers)
22 Approve the account for church payment (6) ACCEPT (account=AC, church=CE, payment=PT=>account for church payment = AC+CE+PT)


Chaturvasi said...

Why? Can't we consider "in" as a hidden signal?

Ganesh T S said...
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Ganesh T S said...

Could 8 Dn be temper with 'among' being the container indicator?

Chaturvasi said...

Ganesh, yes, TEMPER is the answer as you have posted in your orkut group.
The word means "middle course" or "mean".
The def. may be a bit obscure.
The "hidden" sginal is quite clear as in the clue for OSLO.