Monday, February 28, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8228 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 He wrongly assumes he has the right (7) USURPER (Direct)
5 For the listener, it is painful (7) EARACHE (Cryptic Defn. - listener=Ear)
9 Scoundrel obtaining credit notes with a lot of interest (7)
10 Give now! (7) PRESENT (Double Defn.)
11 Denoting of British extraction (5) ANGLO (Direct)
12 Leftists always hold a sober man to be quite a dog! (3,6) RED SETTER (Leftists=RED, sober=TT, man=SEER=>hold a sober man=SE(TT)ER -- very poorly worded)
13 Ruler put ten in pot then dined (9) POTENTATE (put ten in pot=PO(TEN)T, dined=ATE=>put ten in pot then dined = POTENT+ATE)
15 Tom throws vessel violently (5) CASTS (Tom=CAT, vessel=SS=>ana. CAT+SS -- poor clueing again)
16 Settle upon endless selfish trait (5) AGREE (selfish trait=GREED=>endless selfish trait=GREE -- no idea where the A comes from)
18 Under canvass perhaps I go on purpose (9) INTENTION (Under=IN, canvass=TENT, I=I, on=ON=>Under canvass perhaps I go on = IN+TENT+I+ON)
21 I stay true, resolved to find the simple way of life (9) AUSTERITY (I stay true, resolved = ana. I+SAY+TRUE)
24 Incited one to act (5) EGGED (Direct)
25 Made out Billy's lecture programmes for course studies (7) SYLLABI (Made out Billy's = ana. BILLYS+A -- again, no idea where the A comes from)
26 Lecture on clothing of the Christian era (7) ADDRESS (clothing=DRESS, of the Christian era=AD=>on clothing of the Christian era = AD+DRESS)
27 Display of hot feelings leads to dramatic action (7) SCENERY
28 Violent pushes taken on road, hurts somehow! (7) THRUSTS (road=ST, hurts somehow=THRUS=>taken on road, hurts = THRU(ST)S)

1 Al spun around to release the grasp (7) UNCLASP (Al=AL, spun=SPUN, around=C=>Al spun around to release = ana. AL+SPUN+C)
2 Habitually honest person (7) UPRIGHT (Direct)
3 Say it, for example, before church (9) PRONOUNCE (it, for example=PRONOUN, church=CE => PRO+NOUNCE)
4 It's right for sire to get up from his bed (5) RISER (ana. R(right)+SIRE)
5 A shift is advisable (9)
6 Thread one's way through to a high official (5) REEVE (Double Defn.)
7 Designs into form out of nothing (7) CREATES (Direct)
8 Draws out money by force (7) EXTORTS (Direct)
14 In it, say, in dreadful silliness (9) ASININITY (In it, say, in dreadful = ana. IN+IT+SAY+IN)
15 Competitor not in favour of a certain proposal (9) CONTENDER (not in favour of=CON, proposal=TENDER => CON+TENDER)
16 Gathers fools after morning (7) AMASSES (morning=AM, fools=ASSES=>fools after morning = AM+ASSES)
17 Distraught lovers have the key to find the answer (7) RESOLVE (lovers=LOVERS, key=E=>Distraught lovers have the key = ana. LOVERS+E)
19 Arranged for singer to have right to enter (7) INGRESS (singer=SINGER=>Arranged for singer = ana. SINGER+S -- where does the extra S come from?)
20 Bare-bodied persons (7) NUDISTS (Direct)
22 Late by mistake, oriental is full of cheer (5) ELATE (Late=LATE, oriental=E => E+LATE -- Don't ask my how and why)
23 Seat the young to display type of fungi required for baking (5) YEAST (ana. SEAT+Y -- again no explanation shall be provided)