Friday, February 25, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8226 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Propel theologian into an enclosure (6) PADDLE (theologian=DD, enclosure=PALE=>theologian into an enclosure = PA(DD)LE)
4 Made one feel ill after dope — so attacked (8) ASSAILED (Made one feel ill=AILED, dope=ASS=>Made one feel ill after dope = ASS+AILED)
10 Player putting key in a lock (7) ACTRESS (key=C, a=A, lock=TRESS=>putting key in a lock = A(C)TRESS)
11 Pleasant smell emitted by tandoor cooking (7) ODORANT (tandoor cooking=ana. TANDOOR)
12 Thanks on having right sweet pastry (4) TART (Thanks=TA, right=RT=>Thanks on having right = TA+RT)
13 Revolutionary arch saints in the making (10) ANARCHISTS (arch saints in the making = ana. ARCH+SAINTS)
16 The towering and tapering Alps has iridium finding (6) SPIRAL (tapering Alps has iridium finding = ana. ALPS+IR(iridium))
17 Not right to cite CID for proving directly (7) DEICTIC (Not right to cite CID = ana. CITE+CID)
20 Made Sid prepare jewelled headbands (7) DIADEMS (Made Sid prepare = ana. MADE+SID)
21 Cheer British for putting right men's garment (6) BREECH (Cheer British for putting right = ana. CHEER+B)
24 Don's sanctum provides open space and confined space (6,4) COMMON ROOM
25 A football association side is at a distance (4) AFAR (A=A, football association=FA, side=R => A+FAR)
27 Uses manoeuvres to get me up first (7) EMPLOYS (manoeuvres=PLOYS, me up=EM=>manoeuvres to get me up first = EM+PLOYS)
29 The vehicle I own is bright red (7) CARMINE (vehicle=CAR, I own=MINE => CAR+MINE)
30 Concluding confession and correcting error (8) AMENDING (Confession=AM, Concluding=ENDING => AM+ENDING)
31 Running water is always provided in quarters (6) SEVERN (always=EVER, quarters=SN=>water is always provided in quarters = S(EVER)N)

1 Aim to achieve perfection (8) PRACTISE (Direct)
2 Put off theory following ministry opposed to free will (11) DETERMINISM (Put off=DETER, ministry=MIN??, theory=ISM=>thery following ministry=MIN+ISM => DETER+MIN+ISM)
3 Have right to retain another's property till his debts are cleared (4) LIEN (Direct)
5 Beats using craft about business drive! (8) SCOURGES (craft=SS, business=CO, drive=URGE=>using craft about business drive=S(CO+URGE)S)
6 Pay Cora the dispensing chemist (10) APOTHECARY (Pay Cora the dispensing = ana. PAY+CORA+THE)
7 The French have an arable land under pasture (3) LEA (The French=LE, an=A=>The French have an = LE+A)
8 Hate the final trial of the French (6) DETEST (trial=TEST, of the French=DE=>final trial of the French=TEST follows DE => DE+TEST)
9 Employing the class to chant (5) USING (class=U, to chant=SING => U+SING)
14 Proverbial description of variety discernible in Fife's police (5,2,4) SPICE OF LIFE (discernible in Fife's police = ana. IN+FIFES+POLICE)
15 Harold doth protest at such slipperiness! (4,2,4) HARD TO HOLD (Harold doth protest = ana. HAROLD+DOTH)
18 To restrain, shut him up (8) IMPRISON (Direct)
19 It's considered unlucky when tent on hire collapses (8) THIRTEEN (tent on hire collapses = ana. TENT+HIRE)
22 A plan made up to chase on motorway (6) SCHEMA (made up to chase on motorway = ana. CHASE+M(motorway))
23 Church on hill is a source of guidance (5) TORCH (church=CH, hill=TOR => Church on hill = TOR+CH)
26 Not bound by rules (4) FREE (Direct)
28 Reduced to a mixed state (3) PIE (Direct)