Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8211 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

CAVEAT - Once again, a grid replete with substandard clues

1 Apparently is some set arrangement (2,2,5) SO IT SEEMS (is some set arrangement = ana. IS+SOME+SET)
5 Bear troubles with a toothy smile (4) GRIN (Direct - grin and bear it)
8 Drinking vessel that sometimes overflows (3) CUP (Direct - the cup runneth over)
9 Hotchpotch medley that will rightly go far (7) FARRAGO (far=FAR, rightly=R, go=GO, ??=A => ana. FAR+R+GO+A)
10 Clamour in the diner here (3) DIN (Container => DINer)
11 Favouring extreme views or measures (5) ULTRA (Direct)
12 Fully anxious to look after attentively (9) CAREFULLY (I refuse to tender an explanation)
13 She is a curse with a wail portending death (7) DONAHUE (??)
15 Authorise to arrest Lee (6) ENABLE (arrest=NAB, Lee=LEE => ana. NAB+LEE -- Looks like the compiler is ignorant of the concept of anagram indicators)
17 Take pleasure in being unusually mad with anger (6) ADMIRE (unusually mad=ADM, anger=IRE=>unusually mad with anger = ADMIRE)
18 Most rapid progress ahead of true time (7) FASTEST (??)
21 Jugglers who swindle the members of the panel somehow (9) CONJURORS (swindle=CON, members of the panel=JURORS -- why do we need 'somehow' in the clue?)
22 Turn out the victim inside (5) EVICT (Container => thE VICTim)
24 Easy to crack seed (3) NUT (Direct)
25 Old bait to get sensational headlines in small newspaper (7) TABLOID (Old bait to get=ana. OLD+BAIT)
26 Pair of performers (3) DUO (Direct)
27 Utiliser of a right (4) USER (Direct)
28 Cite extra involvement to set free (9) EXTRICATE (Cite extra involvement = ana. CITE+EXTRA)

1 Be forced to yield and die (7) SUCCUMB (Double Defn.)
2 Mischievous child to return to short punishment (5) IMPOT?? (child=IMP, to return=OT)
3 Made wealthy men, Richard included (8) ENRICHED (Container => mEN RICHard, where does the extra 'ED' come from??)
4 Twinkling eyes of an enthusiastic child (6) STARRY (Direct)
5 Grow to dislike one's boss to the point of total unreason? (2,3,4,4) GO OFF ONE'S HEAD
6 It gives an impression of permanence (9) INDELIBLE (Direct)
7 Protein catalyst of specific biochemical reaction (6) ENZYME (Direct)
9 Lightest of brushes (7,6) FEATHER DUSTER (Direct)
14 Proposes names to appoint in office (9) NOMINATES (ana. NAMES+TO+IN -- Don't ask me why or how)
16 Branch away to grow quickly (8) OFFSHOOT (Direct)
17 Advance in social status (6) ASCEND (Direct)
19 Electronic valve to deter someway (7) TETRODE (to deter someway = ana. TO+DETER)
20 Mobs hesitate to be gloomy and dismal (6) SOMBRE (ana. MOBS+ER(hesitate))
23 Bestow aid in this country (5) INDIA (ana. AID+IN)


b a l a j i said...

13 ac) She is a curse with a wail portending death (7) - BANSHEE (direct)

Siddhartha Banerjee said...

18a) Fastest- Most indicating -est, also watch ahead of true time is fast.
First time I'm coming here....nice site!