Monday, February 14, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8216 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Agitating demonstrably about the position of one's humeri (2,2,4) UP IN ARMS (humeri=ARMS)
5 They wash dirty linen in public in India (6) DHOBIS (Direct)
9 Individual control of sitcoms broadcast outside India (8) STOICISM (sitcoms broadcast=ana. SITCOMS=STOICSM, India=I=>sitcoms broadcast outside India = STOIC(I)SM)
10 Supply with weapons well in advance (6) PREARM (Direct)
12 Moved quickly from the French restroom, we hear (4) FLED
13 Akbar (5,5) GREAT MOGUL
15 Industrial protest in Goa somehow involves that woman (6) GHERAO (Goa somehow=GAO, woman=HER=>Goa somehow involves that woman = G(HER)AO)
17 Despatched perfume, we're told (5) SCENT (Despatched=SENT=>we're told is the homonym indicator)
20 A point on Mali destroying a means of communication (1-4) EMAIL (A point=E, Mali destroying=ana. MALI=MAIL)
21 Water course is insignificant to a head of horticulturists (6) NULLAH (insignificant=NULL, a=A, head of horticulturists=1st letter of horticulturists=H=>NULL+A+H)
24 A wish Linda makes for garment from Kashmir, perhaps (5,5) INDIA SHAWL (A wish Linda makes=ana. A+WISH+LINDA)
27 Dance channel? (4) MONO (??)
29 Tarry to see author starting rather late (6) LOITER (see=LO, author=WRITER=>author starting rather late=WRITER-WR=ITER => LO+ITER)
30 Hydrogen gas? Saucy girl back to the bends (8) HAIRPINS (Hydrogen=H, gas=AIR, Saucy girl=SNIP=>Saucy girl back=PINS=>Hydrogen gas? Saucy girl back = H+AIR+PINS)
31 Watch allocated to the lines (6) SENTRY (Direct)
32 Cover that is close to the head (8) SKULLCAP (Direct)

1 World body's container is not protected (6) UNSAFE (World body=UN, container=SAFE => UN+SAFE)
2 One for the evening job (6) IRONER (Cryptic Defn. -- evening job is a job that requires one to even or to press)
3 Chief to bend back (4) ARCH (Double Defn. - 1. Chief (adj.) 2. bend back)
4 Mean person is fallen in the French ocean (5) MISER (is=IS, the French ocean=MER=>is fallen in the French ocean = M(IS)ER)
6 The palaces behind are in the control of the headmaster (5) HAREM (are=ARE, headmaster=HM=>are in the control of the headmaster = H(ARE)M)
7 Disputes about royal ornaments (8) BRANGLES (royal=R, ornaments=BANGLES=>about royal ornaments = B(R)ANGLES)
8 Pretend Salem UTI letters are distributed (8) SIMULATE (Salem UTI letters are distributed = ana. SALEM+UTI)
11 Plant old Indian clerk and learner together (6) BABOOL (old Indian clerk=BABOO, learner=L=>old Indian clerk and learner together = BABOO+L)
14 Pulse of the boy going up, gaining height (4) DHAL (boy=LAD=>boy going up=DAL, height=H=>boy going up, gaining height = D(H)AL)
16 Hut for travellers managed by actor-politician (6) RANCHO (??)
17 Friends make up a breach (4) SLAP (Friends=PALS=>Friends make up = reverse of PALS)
18 P.C. relies on replay of Shakespeare's drama (8) PERICLES (P.C. relies on replay = ana. PC+REPLIES)
19 A handing over to Mahatma's follower (8) GANDHIAN (A handing over=ana. A+HANDING)
22 Cyclic course in the heavens (6) ZODIAC (Direct)
23 Chatty talk (6) GOSSIP (Direct)
25 Rich man makes a mere transfer (5) AMEER (a mere transfer = ana. A+MEER)
26 Get the better of Western writer (5) WHACK (Western=W, writer=HACK=>Western writer = W+HACK)
28 Alternatively, the boy is using speech (4) ORAL (Alternatively=OR, the boy=AL=>Alternatively, the boy = OR+AL)


Chaturvasi said...

'Rancho' is a rude hut. See Chambers. Wordplay is Ran-Cho, as you have guessed.

Dance channel is POGO, not 'mono'. It is a double def. clue. 'Pogo' is a kind of dance as well as a TV channel.