Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2592 Solutions

1 Dish, lightly cooked portion (7) RAREBIT (lightly cooked=RARE, portion=BIT => RARE+BIT)
5 One likely to have a nap? (7) TIPSTER (??)
9 Horseman, leader of cavalry, with very big rifle (7) COSSACK (leader of cavalry=C, very big=OS, big rifle=SACK)
10 Row back to vessel to attend a service (7) WORSHIP (Row back=Reverse of ROW=WOR, vessel=SHIP=>Row back to vessel = WOR+SHIP))
11 Carol having drop of lime in drink (5) SLING (Carol=SING(v.), drop of lime=L=>Carol having drop of lime = S(L)ING)
12 Set aside popular book (2,7) IN RESERVE (Direct)
13 Crowd with sports league meeting with journalists (5,10) PRESS CONFERENCE (Crowd=PRESS, sports league=CONFERENCE)
15 Tense meeting patrolman on street, one one's not met before (7,8) PERFECT STRANGER (Tense=PERFECT(as in Present Perfect, Past Perfect etc.), patrolman=RANGER, street=ST=>patrolman on street=ST+RANGER)
19 Deploy laser beam, almost following lead of "Cubby Broccoli"? (9) CALABRESE (laser beam almost=LASER+BEA=>Deploy laser beam, almost=ana. LASER+BEA=ALABRESE, lead of Cubby=C=>Deploy laser beam, almost following lead of "Cubby=C+ALABRESE)
21 News involving learner driver and the public (5) WORLD (News=WORD, learner driver=L=>News involving learner driver = WOR(L)D)
22 Study large hospital in Welsh town (7) DENBIGH (Study=DEN, large=BIG, hospital=H => DEN+BIG+H)
24 Girl, one leaving drunken sailor at New York, on the way back (7) ROSALYN (one leaving drunken sailor=ana. SAILOR-I=>ROSAL, New York=NY=>New York, on the way back=YN=> one leaving drunken sailor at New York, on the way back = ROSAL+YN)
25 One who entertains those at sea on steamship (7) HOSTESS (those at sea=ana. THOSE=HOSTE, steamship=SS=>those at sea on steamship = HOSTE+SS)

1 Goes mad, discarding clubs, and accumulates points (5,2) RACKS UP (Goes mad=CRACKS UP=>Goes mad, discarding clubs= CRACKS UP-C(Clubs as in cards))
2 Sappers deliberately hurt causing temporary delay (7) RESPITE (Sappers=RE, deliberately hurt=SPITE => RE+SPITE)
3 Sweetheart gets upset about ending in feature film (4,5) BEAU GESTE (Sweetheart=BEAU, gets upset=ana. GETS=GSTE, ending in feature=last letter of feature=E=>gets upset about ending in feature=G(E)STE)
4 Accept defeat stoically as a boxer might? (4,2,2,3,4) TAKE IT ON THE CHIN (Cryptic Defn.)
5 Powerful tractor? One's extremely dependable when needed (5,2,8) TOWER OF STREGTH (Tractor=TOWER(something that tows), Powerful=Of STRENGTH)
6 Community's endless capital (5) PARIS (Community=PARISH=>Community's endless = PARISH-H)
7 Article supports working there in Iran (7) TEHERAN (working there=ana. TEHER, article=AN=>Article supports working there = TEHER+AN)
8 Full? Salesman allowed inside at the end (7) REPLETE (Salesman=REP, allowed inside=LET, the end=last letter of the=E => REP+LET+E)
14 Street repairs, radical round roundabout by factory? (9) ROADWORKS (radical=RAD, roundabout=O=>radical round roundabout=R(O)AD, factory=WORKS=>radical round roundabout by factory = ROAD+WORKS)
15 Horseman in cap Dior designed (7) PICADOR (cap Dior designed = ana. CAP+DIOR)
16 Decisions in game, good for East in more than one series (7) RULINGS
17 Rubbish boy initially put in lockup, perhaps (7) GARBAGE (boy initially=B, lockup=GARAGE =>boy initially put in lockup = GAR(B)AGE)
18 Compensation concerning clothing (7) REDRESS (Concerning=RE, clothing=DRESS => RE+DRESS)
20 Excellent fish (5) BRILL (Double Defn. - 1. Brill is short for Brilliant 2. It's also a kind of fish)


Chaturvasi said...

In 5ac, 'nap' is used not in the sense of "short sleep" but "the betting of all one's money on one prospective winner". One who is likely to have this is a TIPSTER.

I too guessed the answer RULINGS but am unable to explain how it works.

Both last time and this, I was able to reach the "all except two" stage in some fifteen minutes.

in Madras