Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8213 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Profoundly moving part of the earth's surface (4,3) DEEP SEA (Direct - Profound=DEEP, moving part of the earth's surface=SEA)
5 Prospective purchasers of about 51 dollar pieces? (7) CLIENTS (51=LI, dollar pieces=CENTS=>about 51 dollar pieces = ana. LI+CENTS)
9 Distress with bodily or mental suffering (7) AFFLICT (Direct)
10 Dearth in the tourist town centre (7) PAUCITY (tourist town=PAU, centre=CITY??)
11 Travellers' retreat (3) INN (Direct)
12 Mental weariness you get from 9 p.m. onwards (5) ENNUI (you=U, 9=NINE => ana. U+NINE -- don't ask me where the ana. ind. is, or what 'p.m. onwards' contributes to the clue, it's just another mediocre clue from a third-rate compiler)
13 That nice girl in the family (5) NIECE (Is it a direct clue, or is it ana. of NICE+E(no idea where the E would come from) -- looks like just another dud from the clue-maker's ammo)
14 Cross-examines harassing cooking devices (6) GRILLS (Double Defn.)
15 Devices for analyzing signals (8) DECODERS (Direct)
18 Juicy bits of malicious gossip (8) SCANDALS (Direct)
20 Stick to be firm in the opinion he read (6) ADHERE (ana. HE+READ -- the ana. ind. is missing, as usual)
24 Hold forth from platform (5) ORATE (Direct)
26 Ruses to become addicts (5) USERS (Ruses to become = ana. RUSES)
27 Female deer which does endear to us here (3) DOE (Container => DOEs)
28 Presumptuous towards the front (7) FORWARD (Double Defn.)
29 Dispose of to cause betrayal (4-3) SELL-OUT (Double Defn.)
30 You'll find me put off about this grecian goddess (7) DEMETER (me=ME, put off=DETER=>me put off about = DE(ME)TER)
31 Rest back in fear from the deceitful person (7) SHYSTER (in fear=SHY, Rest back=ana. REST=STER)

1 Attractive triumph in tranvestite clothing (7) DRAWING (triumph=WIN, tranvestite clothing=DRAG=>triumph in tranvestite clothing = D(RAW)ING)
2 Man of standing in Arab country (7) EFFENDI (Direct - Thanks to Ganesh. See comment)
3 Nastily sniffed at the start of lumbago (9) SNIVELLED (??)
4 Come to a very sober conclusion (6) ATTEND (a=A, very sober=TT(teetotaller), conclusion=END => A+TT+END)
5 Overturns for example (8) CAPSIZES (Direct)
6 Put ashes in a container (5) INURN (in=IN, a container=URN => IN+URN)
7 I've neat ways for artlessness (7) NAIVETE (ana. IVE+NEAT)
8 Timidity from bashfulness (7) SHYNESS (Direct/Double Defn.)
16 No return to underworld drama as everyone can see (2,7) ON DISPLAY (No return=ON, underworld=DIS??, drama=PLAY)
17 The fish to struggle with an awkward motion (8) FLOUNDER (Double Defn.)
18 Devided and poked fun (7) SCOFFED (Double Defn.)
19 Transposition of letters often found here (7) ANAGRAM (Direct)
21 Nearest to the extreme limit (7) ENDMOST (Direct)
22 He has the right to choose (7) ELECTOR (Direct)
23 Banquets to celebrate something special (6) FEASTS (Direct)
25 Former deed to demand money (5) EXACT (Former=EX, deed=ACT => EX+ACT)