Monday, January 03, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8181 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Still, one is said to be so loathsome (10) ABOMINABLE (Still=YET, one=I=>YETI=a.k.a. ABOMINABLE snowman)
7 Eastern money hard to find in club (4) BAHT (hard=H, club=BAT=>hard to find in club = BA(H)T)
9 A Swiss district in China! (6) CANTON (Double Defn.)
10 Adamant? O dear! But it is wrong (8) OBDURATE (ana. O+DEAR+BUT)
11 In our time, it is the norm (8) STANDARD (Direct)
12 Antelope that could stink, carrying body odour (6) REEBOK (stink=REEK, body odour=BO=>stink, carrying body odour=REE(BO)K)
13 Round every which way, as her pals made out (7) SPHERAL (ana. HER+PALS)
16 Tool for which American money was returned (7) BUCKSAW (American money=BUCK, was returned=reverse of WAS=SAW => BUCK+SAW)
17 Not confined, left in a great flurry (2,5) AT LARGE (ana. L(left)+A+GREAT)
19 Poor part of town in which to slide and ply the oars (4,3) SKID ROW (slid=SLIDE, ply the oars=ROW)
22 Tosses, reportedly, in a state of violent pain (6) THROWS (homonym of THROES)
23 One demanding it can lam viciously (8) CLAIMANT (ana. IT CAN LAM)
26 Make minor changes in a book, say, conforming to high moral standards (8) READJUST (book=READ, conforming to high moral standards=JUST => READ+JUST)
27 Down at heel, but was very angry about head of government (6) RAGGED (was very angry=RAGED, head of government=G=>was very angry about head of government=RAG(G)ED)
28 A prison agitation (4) STIR (Double Defn.)
29 Drink unknown and air fresh in famous city (10) ALEXANDRIA (Drink=ALE, unknown=X, and air fresh=ana. AND+AIR=ANDRIA => ALE+X+ANDRIA)

2 Be a good man or a brute (5) BEAST (Be=BE, a=A, good man=ST => BE+A+ST)
3 Ena, with time, off for a daytime show (7) MATINEE (ana. ENA+TIME)
4 Martial art expert from a town in Japan (5) NINJA (Container => towN IN JApan)
5 One of those preferred by gentleman on screen? (6) BLONDE (Cryptic Defn.)
6 Bird that a duke cried about (5,4) EIDER DUCK (ana. DUKE+CRIED)
7 The way to go it frenziedly violent and destructive (7) BERSERK (Direct)
8 A delicate matter for intense Murphy (3,6) HOT POTATO (intense=HOT, Murphy=POTATO)
14 Small land trial, one to determine allergic reaction (5,4) PATCH TEST (Small land=PATCH, trial=TEST)
15 Kind of bitters that produced strong, universal AA reaction (9) ANGOSTURA (ana. STRONG+U(universal)+AA)
18 Keep out of the way of the queen: he does keep out of the way (7) AVOIDER (Keep out of the way=AVOID, the queen=ER => AVOID+ER)
20 Animal parent, old and impaired (7) DAMAGED (animal parent=DAM, old=AGED=>DAM + AGED)
21 Grass cutter found in a strange chest, slightly yellow inside (6) SCYTHE (ana. CHEST+Y(slightly yellow))
24 Open courts featured in sea trials (5) ATRIA (Container => in seA TRIAls)
25 Skin blemishes caused by a vein bursting (5) NAEVI (ana. A+VEIN)


Chaturvasi said...

I was away from Folsom and didn't do this crossword. As I glanced atyour answers, a thought struck me.
1 Still, one is said to be so loathsome (10) ABOMINABLE (Still=YET, one=I=>YETI=a.k.a. ABOMINABLE snowman)
There is something confusion here.
What is the definition and what is the subsidiary indication?
As the enumeration is 10, "said to be so loathsome" may be taken as the definition. Then what is the point in the word play in the other part "Still, one"? This we can understand if the clue led to YETI.
Do you agree with me?

Chaturvasi said...

In the previous message the sentence "There is something confusion here" should have been "There is some confusion here."