Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8190 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Misgiving about a government concession to the backward? (11) RESERVATION (Double Def.)
9 Sooner comes the nobleman; that is right (7) EARLIER (nobleman=EARL, that is=IE, right=R => EARL+I+ER)
10 Our sailors have an object that is very fashionable (2-5) In-THING (Our sailors=IN(indian navy), object=THING => IN-THING)
11 Around a person a bit of halo. It holds! (5) SHELF (A person=SELF, a bit of halo=H=>Around a person a bit of halo = S(H)ELF)
12 Oh, sir, miss fetches a weed (5,4) IRISH MOSS (ana. OH+SIR+MISS)
13 A king puts restriction on a Mughal ruler (5) AKBAR (A=A, king=K, restriction=BAR => A+K+BAR)
15 Darn! Clues bring up an old scandal (9) SCLAUNDER?? ( an old word for scandal?)
18 Footloose types? (9) SANSERIFS?? (types=fonts; no clue what 'footloose' indicates here; also I thought the more commonly used spelling is SANS SERIFS)
21 Challenges the lawyer to a thing (5) DARES (Direct)
22 A scandal may provoke it; that's the feeling (9) SENSATION (Double Defn.)
24 Look up each way (5) REFER (each way suggests a palindrome)
26 Bone tumour (7) OSTEOMA (Direct)
27 Old Japanese emperor (7) AKIHITO (Direct)
28 One who does not hold back while paying out (4,7) FREE SPENDER (Direct)

1 So the tsar ordered electrical instruments (9) RHEOSTATS (ana. SO+THE+STAR)
2 Wave in Hosur generalised (5) SURGE (Container => HoSUR+GEneralised)
3 Bring up reserves to check violence (9) REINFORCE (check=REIN, violence=FORCE => REIN+FORCE)
4 Collision between planes averted in the sky (3-4) AIR-MISS (Direct)
5 First sign? (7) INITIAL (Double Defn.)
6 Khyber Pass, for one (5) NOTCH (Cryptic Defn.)
7 Sid is up Or Red is up The result is confusion! (8) DISORDER (ana. SID+OR+RED)
8 Some roughshod expressions of disgust (4) UGHS (Container => roUGHShod)
14 It passes as money (4-4) BANK-NOTE (Direct)
16 Emphasise Kolkotta Metro? (9) UNDERLINE (Kolkotta Metro=Under Line)
17 It may be filled if the river rose to some extent (9) RESERVOIR (ana. RIVER+ROSE)
19 Use someone else as a model (7) IMITATE (Direct)
20 They go openly on foot (7) SANDALS (Cryptic Defn.)
22 Mumbai suburb causes some disillusionment (4) SION (Container => disilluSIONment)
23 A rising clown is remote in manner (5) ALOOF (A=A, clown=FOOL, rising clown=LOOF => A+LOOF)
25 Chum loses bridge player who is killed by electrocution (5) FRIED (Chum=FRIEND, bridge player=N=>Chum loses bridge player=FRIEND-N = FRIED)


Chaturvasi said...
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Chaturvasi said...

'Sans serif' is the more common spelling. 'Sanserif' is a variant.

A 'sans serif' type is a type without (sans) serifs.

Serifs are those small decorations at the tip of the letters. The font I amusing indeed has serifs.

Now, 'footloose' types are types without those end decorations.

Shobana Jayaraman Srikumar said...

every time i read a sollution of yours, i feel i'm beginning to learn all over again. how do u do it.