Friday, January 28, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8202 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

Was out of town over the last 2 days, hence no blogs. Back in full steam.

1 Diplomat, one getting married, keeps money where the patient gets attention (10,4) CONSULTING ROOM (Diplomat=CONSUL, one getting married=GROOM, money=TIN=>Diplomat, one getting married, keeps money = CONSUL+TIN+GROOM)
8 A number Pole leaves needing water (6) THIRTY (Pole=S, needing water=THIRSTY=>Pole leaves needing water = THIRSTY-S)
9 Liquor, neat one, set flowing (8) ANISETTE (ana. NEAT+I(one)+SET)
11 An ideal thing? What a vision: Queen Mary II? (9) DREAMBOAT (a vision=DREAM, Queen Mary II=BOAT => DREAM+BOAT)
12 Give up what is produced (5) SPEND (Direct)
13 A not-so-heavy barge (7) LIGHTER (Double Defn.)
15 In drink, I'd be lacking interest (7) INSIPID (In=IN, drink=SIP, I'd=ID => IN+SIP+ID)
17 Egg's white or blue? Man confused (7) ALBUMEN (ana. BLUE+MAN)
19 Notice a point editor modified as needed (7) ADAPTED (Notice=AD, a=A, point=PT, editor=ED => AD+A+PT+ED)
21 Savage old Indian law: beginning of limitation (5) FERAL (old Indian law=FERA, beginning of limitation=L => FERA+L)
23 Overcome awful flu? That's clever (9) MASTERFUL (Overcome=MASTER, awful flu=ana. FLU=FUL => MASTER+FUL)
25 Rigorous trial to assess worth of new cats' diet (4,4) ACID TEST(ana. CATS+DIET)
26 Accusation made by Daily Globe heartlessly (6) CHARGE (??)
27 For Phoebe, diet isn't somehow irrelevant (6,3,5) BESIDE THE POINT (ana, PHOEBE+DIET+ISNT)

1 Cronin's fortress? (7) CITADEL (Ref. to AJ Cronin's book 'The Citadel')
2 A racket for getting the best points (5) NOISE (??)
3 That is the final word: no more negotiation (9) ULTIMATUM (Direct)
4 Musical compositions for ten? No, it is wrong (7) NONETTI (ana. TEN+NO+IT)
5 Coarse sounding, venomous creature caught in the track (5) RASPS (venomous creature=ASP, track=RS??=>venomous creature caught in the track = R(ASP)S --Coarse sounding should be raspy, not rasps)
6 Cricket side: the spinners turn up immediately (2,3,4) ON THE SPOT (Cricket side=ON THE??, spinners=TOPS=>spinners turn up=SPOT)
7 Required to be made into dough, it is said (6) NEEDED (to be made into dough=KNEADED, 'it is said' is the homonym indicator => NEEDED)
10 The kind of grapes that are hard to get (4) SOUR (Cryptic)
14 Material, B-grade, in English fashion (9) GABERDINE (ana. B+GRADE+IN+E(English))
16 High flier takes steps in vessel (5,4) SPACE SHIP (takes steps=PACES, vessel=SHIP=>takes steps in vessel=S(PACES)HIP)
17 A bar to hold very loud, noisy quarrel (6) AFFRAY (A=A, bar=beam=RAY??, very loud=FF=>A bar to hold very loud = A(FF)RAY)
18 Greeting a team with poles — odd (7) NAMASTE (ana. A+TEAM+NS(poles))
19 Moral fall, failing to start church recess (4) APSE (Moral fall=LAPSE=>Moral fall, failing to start = LAPSE-L)
20 The water in the milk, say (7) DILUENT (Direct)
22 Stick used in some flat hits (5) LATHI (Container => fLAT HIts)
24 Italian physicist who cooked a bit of meat in a raging fire (5) FERMI (bit of meat=M, raging fire=ana. FIRE=FERI=>a bit of meat in a raging fire = FER(M)I)


Chaturvasi said...

Ganesh too had put the CHARGE answer in black and not green.

As I am unable to post messages in that highly unreliable community, I sent him a private email.

Accusation - def. for reqd word
made by - connector
Daily - char, short for charwoman, a person who comes home daily for cleaning
Globe heartlessly - g(lob)e lob removed from George

Chaturvasi said...

the best - No. 1 - NOI
points - S. E.

Chaturvasi said...

R S probably stands for railway station where you have tracks. May not be quite legit. Just putting myself in the compiler's shoes!

Chaturvasi said...

In the above read
lob removed from Globe (not George)