Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8194 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Like the diary that R.K. Narayan wrote (8) DATELESS (Cryptic defn. -> reference to Narayan's "My Dateless Diary")
5 Kind of law on the floor? (6) MOSAIC (Double Defn. - 1. Kind of law -Mosaic law i.e. law that pertains to Moses 2.floor)
10 World body on one kind of distinctive clothing (7) UNIFORM (World body=UN, one=I, kind=FORM=>World body on one kind = UN+I+FORM)
11 Being reserved, Indian girl trots out just a couple of directions (7) INDRAWN (Indian girl=INDRA, couple of directions=WN=>Indian girl trots out just a couple of directions = INDRA+WN)
12 Opposed to former (6) LATTER (Direct)
13 West Indian beads with woman cause distress (8) AGGRIEVE (West Indian beads=AGGRI, woman=EVE=>West Indian beads with woman = AGGRI+EVE)
15 District Magistrate accepts alternative resting place (4) DORM (District Magistrate=DM, alternative=OR=>District Magistrate accepts alternative=D(OR)M)
16 Note: therein uncovered is a famous physician (10) FAHRENHEIT (Note=FAH, therein uncovered=ana. THEREIN=RENHEIT => FAH+RENHEIT)
18 It generally comes before atonement (10) CONTRITION (Cryptic Defn.)
20 Boss in charge of raising the stock (4) STUD (Double Defn.)
23 Chinese dish that logger properly presented at the Lok Sabha (3,5) EGG ROLLS (ana. LOGGER+LS(Lok Sabha))
24 In-charge North is in the photo outing (6) PICNIC (In-charge=IC, North=N, photo=PIC=>In-charge North is in the photo = P(ICN)IC)
26 It warms people completely in the bush... (7) BRASIER (Direct)
27 ... If Ghana could extradite a national (7) AGHANI (ana. IF+GHANA)
28 Seat theologian in the auction (6) SADDLE (theologian=DD??, auction=SALE=>theologian in the auction = SA(DD)LE)
29 By no means the backroom boys (5,3) FRONT MEN (Cryptic Defn.)

1 In which passengers may travel up and down (6-6, 3) DOUBLE-DECKER BUS (Cryptic Defn.)
2 Write expansively about street hurricane (7) TWISTER (write expansively=ana. WRITE=TWIER, street=ST=>Write expansively about street = TWI(ST)ER)
3 Relax! Solo put out is by bridge players (6) LOOSEN (ana. SOLO+EN (bridge players))
4 Like Uncle in the East (4) SAME (Uncle=SAM, East=E => SAM+E)
6 Issuing commands for ceremony involving priests (8) ORDERING (Double Defn.)
7 World of scholars of which a boorish person forms part (7) ACADEME (boorish person=CAD)
8 Cooperation between the singer and the accompanists on the dais (9,6) CONCERTED ACTION (Cryptic Defn.)
9 Prep going nuts over weak beer (6,3) GINGER POP (ana. PREP+GOING)
14 One in disrepute at present might think of this (4,5) PAST GLORY (Cryptic Defn.)
17 Heraldic type embraces medical officer (8) ARMORIAL (type=font=ARIAL, medical officer=MO => AR(MO)RIAL; no idea where the extra R comes from)
19 Scrooge, for one (7) NIGGARD (Direct)
21 Ron, mate discarded part of old gramophone (4,3) TONE ARM (ana. RON+MATE)
22 Dismantled Ugrian weapon (3-3) AIR-GUN (ana. UGRIAN)
25 One in remote exposition (4) FAIR (One=I, remote=FAR=>One in remote=FA(I)R)


Chaturvasi said...

DD is Doctor of Divinity, hence theologian.

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Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!