Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8189 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Quality of having liking to no man (8) CYNICISM (Direct)
5 Trap concealed inside ship for fish (6) SPARTS (Trap concealed=ana. TRAP=PRAT, ship=SS=>Trap concealed inside ship=S(PRAT)S)
9 Bounty man? (8) MUTINEER (??)
10 A card of distinction (6) HONOUR (Double Defn. - 1. A card (any of the top 5 cards in a deck is called an honour) 2. distinction)
12 Princess given a couple of pounds for herb (4) DILL (Princess=DI, c ouple of pounds=LL => DI+LL)
13 Tale of prig becoming a dissolute (10) PROFLIGATE (ana. TALE+OF+PRIG)
15 Mister, admit the princess for deportment (6) MANNER (Mister=MR, princess=ANNE=>Mister, admit the princess = M(ANNE)R)
17 It may hang over the shoulder of a woman in India (5) PALLU (Direct)
20 The boy frequently goes skyward (5) ALOFT (A boy=AL, frequently=OFT => AL+OFT)
21 Field range (6) EXTENT (Double Defn.)
24 Distinction held by a high-up (10) PROMINENCE (Direct)
27 Dandy is a failure in the Orient (4) DUDE (failure=DUD, Orient=E => DUD+E)
29 Accustoms to insure hastily (6) INURES (ana. INSURE)
30 Intrude into a small enclosure with an insect (8) ENCROACH (small enclosure=ENC, insect=ROACH=>a small enclosure with an insect = ENC+ROACH)
31 Silent turn to join up (6) ENLIST (ana. SILENT)
32 No going round but just a nick across a field (8) SHORTCUT (nick=CUT, field=SHORT??)

1 Show may move towards extremes of devilry (6) COMEDY (move=COME, extremes of devilry=DY => COME+DY)
2 Plant difficult to grasp (6) NETTLE (Direct)
3 Icecream container about to enter the limits of Coimbatore (4) CONE (about=ON, limits of Coimbatore=CE=>about to enter the limits of Coimbatore=C(ON)E)
4 Spot Station Master with the listener (5) SMEAR (Station Master=SM, listener=EAR => SM+EAR)
6 South Indian snack is inferior in quality, one added (5) POORI (inferior in quality=POOR, one=I => POOR+I)
7 Bear load in a lovely manner (8) ADORABLE (ana. BEAR+LOAD)
8 Vehemently rouse vet to distribute (5,3) SERVE OUT (ana. ROUSE+VET)
11 Threaten the fliers and cause friction (6) AFFRET (fliers=AF(air force), cause friction=FRET => AF+FRET)
14 Scholar finds it at the end of the line (4) BAIT (Scholar=BA, it=IT=>Scholar finds it at the end = BA+IT)
16 Required the newspaperman to be in want (6) NEEDED (newspaperman=ED, want=NEED=>newspaperman to be in want =NE(ED)ED)
17 Long tree? (4) PINE (Double Defn. - 1. Long (to long for something is to pine for it) 2. tree)
18 It may be kept burning by the scouts (4-4) CAMP-FIRE (Direct)
19 Catamaran is not such a sailboat (8) MONOHULL (Direct -> Catamaran is a boat with 2 hulls)
22 Israelitish (6) JUDAIC (Direct)
23 Such a telephone line is very busy with calls (3-3) RED-HOT (Direct)
25 Thoughts set aside (5) IDEAS (ana. ASIDE)
26 Study church trumpet (5) CONCH (study=CON, church=CH => CON+CH)
28 One almost unusual tree (4) ARAR (one=A, unusual=RARE=>almost unusual=RAR => A+RAR)


Chaturvasi said...

9 Bounty man? (8) MUTINEER

The reference is to a historic event, the Mutiny on the Bounty, this being the name of a ship. There was also a film by the same name. So "Bounty man" is conceivably a mutineer.