Monday, January 17, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8192 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Tart, ne'er turn into one who sabotages workers! (8) RATTENER (ana. TART+NEER)
5 I am very, very long in creating pictures (6) IMAGES (I am=I'm=IM, very long=AGES => IM+AGES)
9 It goes around before an explosive event occurs (3,4) CAR BOMB (Direct)
10 Inmate runs away before the English show (7) MATINEE (inmate runs away=ana. INMATE=MATINE, English=E=>Inmate runs away before the English = MATINE+E)
11 Got back and made the sofa as good as new (9) RECOVERED (re-covered the sofa)
12 Shakespearean character, almost old, is in, by the way (5)
13 Discover clairvoyance may be found by January-end (4) ESPY (claivoyance=ESP(Extra Sensory Perception), Jaunary-end=Y=>clairvoyance may be found by January-end = ESP+Y)
14 Intolerable one on the camel's back (4,5) LAST STRAW (Cryptic Def. => ref. to the saying "the last straw breaks the camel's back")
17 A profession with a lot of drills and fills (9) DENTISTRY (Cryptic Defn.)
19 Complaint Mac never kept at heart (4) ACNE (Container => mAC NEver)
23 Lyn returns and puts on artificial silk (5) NYLON (Lyn returns=NYL, on=ON=>Lyn returns and puts on = NYL+ON)
24 Crazy about Maureen? Do try! (9) ENAMOURED (ana. MAUREEN+DO)
25 Sarcastic about weakening dorm worker (7) MORDANT (wakening dorm=ana. DORM=MORD, worker=ANT => MORD+ANT)
26 Directions a harassed medic follows are local (7) ENDEMIC (Directions=EN, a harassed medic=ana. MEDIC=DEMIC => EN+DEMIC)
27 Smirked and was in the front, before being nabbed (6) LEERED (was in the front=LED, before=ERE=>was in the front, before being nabbed=LE(ERE)D)
28 Interval when utterance doesn't begin and falters (8) ENTRACTE (utterance doesn't begin=UTTERANCE-U=TTERANCE, falter is the ana. ind. => ana. TTERANCE)

1 Judge the flute (8) RECORDER (Double Defn.)
2 PAC? May be found at the top of the chimney! (4,3) TURN CAP (PAC=reverse of CAP=TURN CAP)
3 Develop a short volume, with a woman around (6) EVOLVE (a short volume=VOL, a woman=EVE=>a short volume, with a woman around=E(VOL)VE)
4 Armaments Serb delivers causes discomposure (13) EMBARRASSMENT (ana. ARMAMENTS+SERB)
6 Induce Tom to turn up with one vessel (Oriental) (8) MOTIVATE (Tom to turn up=reverse of TOM=MOT, one=I, vessel=VATE => MOTI+I+VATE)
7 Move to the north to hurriedly load a vessel (7) GONDOLA (Move=GO, north=N, hirriedly load=ana. LOAD=DOLA => GO+N+DOLA)
8 Observe a woodcutter making a playground equipment (6) SEESAW (Observe=SEE, woodcutter=SAW => SEE+SAW)
10 Are trained men to go to sea? (13) MEDITERRANEAN (ana. ARE+TRAINED+MEN)
15 Good man on Oriental period that is by no means modern (5-3) STONE-AGE (Good man=ST, on=ON, Oriental=E, period=AGE=>Good man on Oriental period = ST+ONE+E AGE)
16 Chief, each turn is a source of worry (8) HEADACHE (Chief=HEAD, each turn=ana. EACH=ACE => HEAD+ACHE)
18 General ordered: "Expand!" (7) ENLARGE (General ordered = ana. GENERAL)
20 Such tiles may be used in dadoing (7) CERAMIC (Direct)
21 Beastly description of man (6) ANIMAL (Direct)
22 Turn over a water source with hesitation (6) PONDER (a water source=POND, hesitation=ER=>a water source with hesitation = POND+ER)


Chaturvasi said...

12 Shakespearean character, almost old, is in, by the way (5)
VIOLA Shakespearean character (in Twelfth Night)
almost old - ol(d)
is in - container/contained signal
by the way - via