Monday, January 17, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2589 Solutions

1 One who'll help if several seen in distress (9) LIFESAVER (ana. IF+SEVERAL)
6 Second son leaving Greek island, heading for Apia here in the Pacific (5) SAMOA (Greek island=SAMOS, son=S=>second son leaving greek island=removal of the second S from SAMOS=SAMO, heading of Apia=A => SAMO+A)
9 Bitterness detected in private, reportedly (7) RANCOUR (private=RANKER=>private, reportedly = RANCOUR (homonym))
10 Title of pub one at end of street (7) BARONET (pub=BAR, one=ONE, end of street=T => BAR+ONE+T)
11 Shopkeeper's goods, no good in hosiery business? (5-2-5) STOCK-IN-TRADE
14 Those who take off in one with a storm developing around it (9) IMITATORS (one=I, a storm developing=ana. A+STORM=MATORS, it=IT=>one with a storm developing around it=I+M(IT)ATORS)
16 Inn by river's hot (5) HOUSE (river=OUSE, hot=H=>by river's hot=by river is hot = H+OUSE)
17 Became less painful or stopped with no hint of cramp (5) EASED (stopped=CEASED, hint of cramp=1st letter of cramp=C=>stopped with no hint of cramp = CEASED-C)
18 Weapon chief made out of lead (9) SPEARHEAD (Weapon=SPEAR, chief=HEAD => SPEAR+HEAD)
19 The day before a festival - awfully frosty one, once in a while (5,2,5) EVERY SO OFTEN (The day before a festival=EVE, awfully frosty one=ana. FROSTY ONE=RY SO OFTEN =>EVE+RY SO OFTEN)
23 Put an end to a nonsense about the Italian returning (7) ABOLISH (a=A, nonsense=BOSH, Italian=IL=>Italian returning=LI => A+BO(LI)SH)
24 Intensely serious, chap holding ace (7) EARNEST (chap=ERNEST, ace=A=>chap holding ace=E(A)RNEST)
25 Guide one into allotment (5) PILOT (one=I, allotment=PLOT=>one into allotment = P(I)LOT)
26 What might keep me warm I wondered shivering (9) EIDERDOWN (ana. I+WONDERED)

1 Fat boy eating piece of rump (4) LARD (boy=LAD, price of rump=R=>boy eating piece of rump = LA(R)D)
2 Suitable penalty (4) FINE (Double Defn.)
3 One making signs, employed by dictator in office? (9,6) SHORTHAND TYPIST (Cryptic Defn.)
4 Truthful source, via broadcast (9) VERACIOUS (ana. SOURCE+VIA)
5 Religious leader's chatter cut short (5) RABBI (chatter=RABBIT(v.)=>chatter cut short=RABBIT-T = RABBI)
6 One carrying litter from the field? (9-6) STRERCHER BEARER (Cryptic Defn.)
7 Rum, it, anise, drunk from small spirit bottles (10) MINIATURES (ana. RUM+IT+ANISE)
8 A bit of trouble over cash available for immediate use (2,3,5) AT THE READY (a=A, bit of trouble=T, cash=READY (as in ready money))
12 Help Earl to depart secretly with PA (4-2-4) AIDE DE CAMP (Help=AID, Earl=E, depart secretly=DECAMP => AID+E DE CAMP; PA=Personal Assistant)
13 So Neil lied about what's used in making printer's ink (7,3) LINSEED OIL (ana. SO+NIEL+LIED)
15 Female with fine area of knowledge of English city (9) SHEFFIELD (Female=SHE, fine=F, area=FIELD => SHE+F+FIELD)
20 Rotten chore making a paint (5) OCHRE (ana. CHORE)
21 Series of letters from one Roman emperor (4) NERO (Container => oNE ROman)
22 Eccentrics turned up in shock (4) STUN (Eccentrics=NUTS=>Eccentrics turned up = STUN)