Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2591 Solutions

1 Animal from mountain, a tailless cat (6) ALPACA (mountain=ALP, a=A, taillet cat=CAT-T => ALP+A+CA)
4 Relatively expensive in cheerful bazaar (8) UPMARKET (cheerful=UP, bazaar=MARKET => UP+MARKET)
10 Clerk in prison with drug dealer (9) PENPUSHER (prison=PEN, drug dealer=PUSHER => PEN+PUSHER)
11 US actor's book covered by girl (5) GABLE (book=B, girl=GALE=>book covered by girl = GA(B)LE)
12 Social worker, without equal, runs round rear of sanatorium (7) ALMONER (without equal=A LONER, rear of sanatoriuM=M=>without equal, runs round rear of sanatorium = AL(M)ONER)
13 Coach with collection of books (7) OMNIBUS (Double Defn. - 1. Coach i.e. bus 2. collection of books)
14 Card game that's pleased generations? (5,8) HAPPY FAMILIES (pleased=HAPPY, generations=FAMILIES)
17 Boarding school's fantastic shady bolthole (9,4) DOTHEBOYS HALL (ana. SHADY+BOLTHOLE)
19 Saw Venture Scout in lead (7) PROVERB (Saw=Proverb, dunno how to explain the rest??)
21 Letter from pile, set reviewed (7) EPISTLE (ana. PILE+SET)
23 Record music for a film (5) SCORE (Direct)
24 Last piece in paper — see it any differently? The reason, perhaps (9) EYESTRAIN (ana. R(last pice in paper=last letter of PAPER=R)+SEE+IT+ANY)
25 Criminal yet to be spotted round parts of Alpine region (8) TYROLESE (Criminal yet=ana. YET=TYE, parts=ROLES=>Criminal yet to be spotted round parts = TY(ROLES)E)
26 Novelist from Oregon? Very probably (6) ORWELL (Oregon=OR, Very probably=WELL => OR+WELL)

1 A comic paper to be published (6) APPEAR (A=A, comic paper=ana. PAPER=PPEAR => A+PPEAR)
2 Headgear provided by airline — article to detest? Not quite (6,3) PANAMA HAT (airline=PANAM, article=A, to detest=HATE=>to detest? Not quite=HATE-E=HAT => PANAM+A HAT)
3 Shake large milk can (5) CHURN (Double Defn.)
5 Reason peer lost new portable cassette player (8,6) PERSONAL STEREO (ana. REASON+PEER+LOST)
6 A bit of rural info — article on it turned up in country (9) ARGENTINA (A=A, bit of rural=R, info=GEN, article=AN=>article on it=ANIT=>article on it turned up=TINA => A+R+GEN+TINA)
7 Bake spicy British meat dish (5) KEBAB (Bake spicy=ana. BAKE=KEBA, British=B => KEBA+B)
8 Locks in fortress, essential (7) TRESSES (Container => forTRESS ESsential)
9 Drinks made by girl? Nonsense (6-8) SHERRY COBBLER (girl=SHERRY, Nonsense=COBBLERS (slang))
15 Gradually sample ground grain (9) PIECEMEAL (sample=PIECE, ground grain=MEAL => PIECE+MEAL)
16 Italian article on the French badger may make one uncomfortable (3,2,4) ILL AT EASE (Italian article=IL, the French=LA, badger=TEASE => IL+LA+TEASE)
17 Down payment raised is accepted by store (7) DEPOSIT (raised is=IS, store=DEPOT=>raised is accepted by store = DEPO(SI)T)
18 Herb in bog boy pulled up (6) FENNEL (bog=FEN, boy=LEN=>boy pulled up=NEL => FEN+BEL)
20 Smell coming from river, it's said (5) ODOUR (river=ODER, 'it's said' is the homonym indicator for ODER => ODOUR)
22 Bury or Milan team? (5) INTER


Chaturvasi said...

It is rover in Pb (chemical symbol for lead).
in Changi airport, Singapore