Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8182 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Pulchritude in the lido, a la Ms Williams (7,6) BATHING BEAUTY (in the lido=BATHING, Pulchritude=BEAUTY, ref. to the movie starring Esther Williams)
9 Turn the nut one way and... (7) TIGHTEN (Direct)
10 ... therefore, put business graduate in restraint(7) EMBARGO (therefore=ERGO, business graduate=MBA=>therefore, put business graduate in=E(MBA)RGO)
11 Festival arranged by Madrasi, capturing heart of emigrant (5,4) MARDI GRAS (ana. MADRASI+GR(heart of emiGRant)
12 Fabled writer has a backward stance (5) AESOP (a=A, stance=POSE=>backward stance=ESOP => A+ESOP)
13 Lisper's musical composition: start singing `Strips of leather' (6) THONGS (musical composition=SONG, start singing=S=>SONGS=>A lisper would pronounce SONGS as THONGS)
14 French one and the German get older but not old enough (8) UNDERAGE (French one=UN, the German=DER, get older=AGE => UN+DER+AGE)
17 Logical and conservative? Not here, anyhow (8) COHERENT (ana. C(conservative)+NOT+HERE)
19 The devil is reportedly in debt: demand attention (6) IMPOSE (devil=IMP, in debt=OWES=>sounds like OSE('reportedly' is the homonym indicator) => IMP+OSE)
23 Town seen on a map at naval headquarters (5) PATNA (Container => maP AT NAval)
25 Kisses a cute lass with love anew (9) OSCULATES (ana. CUTE+LASS+O(love))
26 Resident of Birmingham in a second-class card game, reportedly (7) BRUMMIE (second-class=B, card game=RUMMY=>card game, reportedly=RUMMIE => B+RUMMIE)
27 Hard work, drinking bad rum in a violent movement (7) TURMOIL (Hard work=TOIL, bad rum=ana. RUM=URM=>Hard work, drinking bad rum=T(URM)OIL)
28 Can Cynthia hope to wangle a mortgage? (13) HYPOTHECATION (ana. CYNTHIA+HOPE+TO)

1 Underfoot protection during a shower perhaps (3,4) BATH MAT (I think it should be 4,3 instd of 3,4)
2 Feline parent, with no hesitation, finds insect (5,4) TIGER MOTH (Feline=TIGER, parent=MOTHER, hesitation=ER=>parent, with no hesitation=MOTHER-ER=MOTH)
3 What is fashionable at home? Slender girl to start with (2-5) IN-THING (at home=IN, slender=THIN, girl=G=>THIN+G)
4 Upper-class people generally make an effort (6) GENTRY (generally=GENT, make an effort=TRY => GEN+TRY)
5 Girl with new air at vespers (8) EVENSONG (Girl=EVE, new=N, air=SONG => EVE+N+SONG)
6 Foliage of trees seen in a penumbra generally (7) UMBRAGE (Container => penUMBRA+GEnerally)
7 Tales of the skeins (5) YARNS (Double Defn.)
8 A band of players that is getting an enthusiastic supporter (7) GROUPIE (A band of players=GROUP, that is=IE => GROUP+IE)
15 Riot of IRA characters quelled for a stronger reason (1,8) A FORTIORI (ana. RIOT+OF+ IRA)
16 Blameless Pope of the 16th (or 17th) century (8) INNOCENT (Double Defn.)
17 With the required skill, fit for the test team perhaps (7) CAPABLE (fit=ABLE, test team=CAP => CAP+ABLE)
18 A mad PRO's version of a motorist's guide (4,3) ROAD MAP (ana. A+MAD+PRO)
20 Sickness of girl: needs fresh air (7) MALARIA (girl=MALA, frsh air=ana. AIR=RIA => MALA+RIA)
21 Slip, one tom by Greek character (7) EPSILON (ana. SLIP+ONE; we've a typo here:we need 'torn' instead of 'tom'. torn wud be the ana. indicator for SLIP+ONE)
22 Cause injury to Torn in the embrace of Haggard girl (6) (we've a typo here as well: should be 'Tom' instead of 'Torn'; Tom=CAT, Haggard girl=SHE => Tom in the embrace of Haggard girl=S(CAT)HE)
24 Asking for money, in a sense (5) TOUCH (To touch is ask for money(slang))


Chaturvasi said...

24 Asking for money, in a sense (5) TOUCH (To touch is ask for money(slang))
Here, if "asking for money" is the definition, the clue will lead only to "touching". To get "touch" as the answer, the definition should be "Ask for money".
This kind of solecisms occur in the work of some compilers.

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