Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8193 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Uncle in cathedral cities collecting seeds (7) SESAMES (Uncle=SAM, cathedral cities=SEES??=>Uncle in cathedral cities = SE(SAM)ES)
5 Offspring throws coconut fibre about the man (2-4) CO-HEIR (coconut fibre=COIR, man=HE =>coconut fibre about the man=CO(HE)IR)
9 Insect doesn't fulfil the position (5) LOCUS (Insect=LOCUST=>Insect doesn't fulfil=LOCUST_T)
10 Soon ink spreads in the thin paper (5-4) ONION-SKIN (ana. SOON+INK+IN)
11 Disembark after a landing at the airport (7) DEPLANE (Direct)
12 Small flute in photo put out by the U.S. State (7) PICCOLO (photo=PIC, U.S. State=COLO => PIC+COLO)
13 Distinctive elegance of the pen held by the French (5) STYLE (pen=STY, the French=LE => STY+LE)
14 Such a gas cannot be sensed by the nose (9) ODOURLESS (Direct)
16 Unyielding kind of property (9) IMMOVABLE (Double Defn.)
19 Not a desirable class for a degree (5) THIRD (Direct)
21 Hopping about and singing vaguely (7) LOLLING (Double Defn.)
23 A smashing personality (7) WRECKER (Direct)
24 If in No. Ten, distractedly going on and on (9) NONFINITE (ana. IF+IN+NO+TEN)
25 Baldie doesn't complete putting out a spontaneous remark (2,3) AD LIB (ana. BALDIE-E)
26 Association almost let the fever catch on (6) LEAGUE (almost let=LET-T=LE, fever=AGUE => LE+AGUE)
27 Mutt, see the putting together of a small bagpipe (7) MUSETTE (ana. MUTT+SEE)

1 Denial of one's impulses that elfin disciples exhibit (4-10) SELF-DISCIPLINE (ana. ELFIN+DISCIPLES)
2 Well, one doesn't receive this remuneration (4,3) SICK PAY (Direct)
3 Mother is sage wise to rub down (7) MASSAGE (Mother is=MA'S=MAS, sage=SAGE => MASSAGE; the word 'wise' is redundant)
4 As used by the police to control crowds, it creates a screen (5-4) SMOKE-BOMB (Cryptic Defn.)
5 "Shoemaker not in": That's brief and to the point (5) CRISP
6 As used by workmen to go on the railroad (7) HANDCAR (Direct)
7 Indian Railways find smoke billowing. How unpleasant! (7) IRKSMOKE (Indian Railways=IR, smoke billowing=ana. SMOKE=KSOME => IRK+SOME)
8 Lie-in absconder indulges in what is unworthy (14) INCONSIDERABLE (ana. LIE-IN+ABSCONDER)
15 Crush whomever running around and grasping the student (9) OVERWHELM (ana. WHOMEVER+L(student))
17 Honey, holy person endlessly brings hodgepodge (7) MELANGE (Honey=MEL, holy person=ANGEL=>holy person endlessly=ANGE => MEL+ANGE)
18 Give nil credit to net (7) VEILING (ana. GIVE+NIL; 'credit' as an ana. indicator? doesn't look convincing)
19 They are protective at the end of shoes (7) TOECAPS (Direct)
20 It's a smear on paper (7) INKBLOT (Direct)
22 Horrible, Edward is covered in filth (5) GRIME (Horrible=GRIM, Edward=E => GRIM+E)


Chaturvasi said...

I would say that the word 'sage' is redundant: as 'sage' is part of the required word it won't usually be repeated in wordplay. Of course, sometimes small, insignificant components are given gratis in wordplay but that doesn't apply here. So we need to cut out the word "sage" from the clue. A mistake of the compiler overlooked by the sub-editor.

Chaturvasi said...

Crispin is the patron saint of shoemakers. Hence "shoemaker".
'In' deleted from 'Crispin' gives 'crisp'.

Chaturvasi said...

When something is in credit, it means that is available for you.
Here the letters are in creadit. They are available for you to paly with and get the answer.
At least that is my reading! You are quite entitled to the view that the anagrind is not convincing.
U.S. cryptic clue writers are very strict about anagrinds: they always insist that the anag. signal must indicate some agitation.
Not so the U.K. clue writers who are somewhat generous with anagram signals.

Anonymous said...

tolerable!it' s decidedly useful!thx!