Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8188 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Confused leaf insect (4) FLEA (ana. LEAF)
3 Taking place from time to time at the table? (10) OCCASIONAL (dunno what the 'table' suggests)
10 Unusual regalia found in North Africa (7) ALGERIA (ana. REGALIA)
11 Regularly occurring in mice at the finish (7) ENDEMIC (finish=END, ana. MICE=EMIC => END+EMIC; don't see an anagram indicator--HORRIBLE CLUE)
12 Act or rise up with consequences (2,3) UP END (up=UP, consequences=END)
13 Excelled to move onward for sure (9) SURPASSED (Direct)
14 Put in jeopardy from anger in conclusion (8) ENDANGER (anger=ANGER, conclusion=END => END+ANGER; how's 'anger in conclusion END+ANGER? 'anger at' or 'anger on' would be apt--BAD CLUE)
15 Me a sly one becomes stingy here (6) MEASLY (ME+A+SLY--BAD CLUE)
18 Happening at wide intervals (6) SPARSE (Direct)
20 Stages or periods of development (8) STADIUMS (Direct)
24 Asking the umpire to be attractive (9) APPEALING (Double Defn.)
26 Minor local official with key to change his mind (5) R_E_E
27 Dependent upon to train the French (7) RELIANT (ana. TRAIN+LE; 'upon to' as an ana. indicator -- BAD CLUE)
28 Absence of harmful bacteria (7) ASEPSIS (Direct)
29 What meaner disposition of meteorologists (7,3) WEATHER MEN (ana. WHAT+MEANER)
30 Vivacity of impetuous rush (4) ELAN (Double Defn.)

1 True distinctive characteristic (7) FEATURE (Direct)
2 An intellectual Humpty Dumpty (7) EGGHEAD (Double Defn.)
4 Higher quality of rice the girl eats (8) CLASSIER (ana. RICE+LASS(girl); where the heck is the ana. indicator -- DOWNRIGHT HORRIBLE CLUE)
5 Exhausted one becomes fed up (6) AWEARY (one=A, becomes fed up=WEARY??; that'd be WEARIES, wouldn't it -- BAD CLUE)
6 In the beginning help turns up for the sub-continent (5) INDIA (In=IN, help=AID=>help turns up=DIA => IN+DIA)
7 Goddess seems in disarray (7) NEMESIS (ana. SEEMS+IN)
8 Clearly and easily understood (7) LUCIDLY (Direct)
9 The nuclear deterrents that used to be good for a toast? (8) _R_D_N_S
16 Confirmed rods to set up in need (8) ENDORSED (ana. RODS+NEED -- BAD CLUE)
17 Gets a tan being sluggish (8) STAGNATE (ana. GETS+A+TAN)
18 Box file for chirpy air traveller (7) SPARROW (Box=SPAR, file=ROW => SPAR+ROW)
19 Vessel for sacred uses (7) AMPULLA (Direct)
21 Implement you hear could be silent (7) UTENSIL (ana. U(you hear)+SILENT -- BAD CLUE)
22 Tess is not likely to wear this hat (7) STETSON (ana. TESS+NOT;too many redundant words in the clue -- HORRIBLE CLUE)
23 She is a close friend (6) SISTER (Direct)
25 A cleaning level with surface of water (5) AWASH (A=A, cleaning=WASH => A+WASH)