Friday, January 21, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8196 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Fed up with Italian going round in charge during a shortage (7) DEFICIT (Fed up=DEF, Italian=IT, in charge=IC=>Fed up with Italian going round in charge=DEF(IC)IT)
5 A game to reduce in length (7) ABRIDGE (A=A, game=BRIDGE => A+BRIDGE)
10 Stimulate Philip so to say (6) FILLIP (homonym of PHILIP)
11 Physicist of the naughty nineties (8) EINSTEIN (naughty nineties = ana. NINETIES)
12 Plans to include one for guides (6) PILOTS (Plans=PLOTS, one=I=>Plans to include one=P(I)LOTS)
13 Accomplished journey using auxiliary control (8) OVERDRIVE (Accomplished=OVER, journey=RIDE => OVER+RIDE)
14 Turn up for a motorcycle race before the finish (6) ATTEND (a=A, motorcycle race=TT, finish=END=>a motorcycle race before the finish = A+TT+END)
15 Not willing workers (6) SLAVES (Cryptic Defn.)
18 Lad ran to church section of the main organisation (6) BRANCH (Lad=boy=B, ran=RAN, church=CH=>Lad ran to church = B+RAN+CH)
20 Prominent person composes editorial (6) LEADER (Double Defn. - 1. Prominent person 2. editorial)
23 Scientific practice that puts a burden on part of the economy (8) TAXONOMY (burden=TAX, part of the economy=ONOMY=>puts a burden on part of the economy = TAX+ONOMY)
25 The style of architecture that prevailed during late fifteenth century (6) TUDORS (??)
26 Mortar board, say (8) HEADWEAR/HEADGEAR (Mortar board is a cap with a broad, square top - way too obscure)
27 Praying mantis moved (6) MATINS (mantis moved=ana. MANTIS)
28 In same turmoil, hit those who disbelieve in God (7) ATHEISM (ana. SAME+HIT - poor location of ana. ind. turmoil, the defn. should be disbleief in God)
29 Take issue about heel getting the cheese (7) STILTON (heel=STILT, about=ON => STILT+ON?? - 'Take issue about'? Looks like too many redundant words)

2 Draw forth the Spanish one in charge (6) ELICIT (the Spanish=EL, in charge=IC, IT=where does IT come from??)
3 Gains procured by evil means (3,6) ILL GOTTEN (Direct)
4 I am to pass the English, on stalemate (7) IMPASSE (I am=IM, pass=PASS, English=E=>I am to pass the English = IM+PASS+E)
6 Hazards in a golf course (7) BUNKERS (Direct)
7 Instruct the undertaker in plain terms (7) INTER (Container => plaIN TERrms)
8 Hot plates centre light mysteries (8) GRIDDLES (light=G??, mysteries=RIDDLES => G+RIDDLES)
9 The highest scoring sportsmen who only reproduce the score? (6,7) RECORD PLAYERS (Double cryptic defn.)
16 Like the story about an old English act, maybe (9) ANECDOTAL (ana. AN+OLD+E+ACT)
17 A branch of a company meant possibly to be equipped for war (8) ARMAMENT (ARM+ana. MEANT)
19 Small fishing vessels for immoral women? (7) HOOKERS (Double Defn.)
21 An endeavour made for a model to attract (7) ATTEMPT (a=A, model=T, attract=TEMPT => A+T+TEMPT)
22 Go round, call an American (6) GRINGO (Go=GO, call=RING=>Go round, call = G(RING)O)
24 A film produced considerable time ago (5) OLDIE (Direct)