Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8184 solutions

1 Something to flutter at a prospective lover? (9) EYELASHES (Direct)
5 Diet to assist get over difficulty (4) TIDE (ana. DIET)
8 Keep in enclosure (3) PEN (Direct)
9 Device for her to emerge out of egg (7) HATCHER
10 Condition of being reprimanded for disturbance (3) ROW (Double Defn. - 1. Condition of being rerimanded (Chambers lists 'a severe reprimand' as one of the meanings for row) 2. distrubance)
11 Hit out to be hanged (5) SWING (Double Defn. - 1. Hit out 2. hang (dunno why the clue has 'hanged') )
12 Irregular in movement or conduct (9) ERRATICAL (Direct)
13 Practised military exercise (7) DRILLED (Direct)
15 Go over again preparing for exam (6) REVISE (Direct)
17 Put in an appearance to be present (6) ATTEND (Double Defn. - 1.Put in an appearance 2. be present)
18 Irish fishing vessels (7) HOOKERS (Direct)
21 Phosphorescent insects on the wing (9) FIREFLIES (Direct)
22 A nice nest in a corner (5) NICHE (??)
24 Anger found in the firebrand (3) IRE (Container => fIREbrand)
25 Feeling more signs of impetigo to become scratchier (7) ITCHIER (Double Defn.)
26 Person created in the likeness of god (3) MAN (Direct)
27 Icy mountain? (4) BERG (Direct)
28 All without exception have the main part (9) EVERYBODY (without exception=EVERY, main part=BODY => EVERY+BODY)

1 Showed up former assumed attitude (7) EXPOSED (former=EX, assumed attitude=POSED => EX+POSED)
2 Boredom that is with the nun invariably (5) ENNUI (ana. IE(that is)+NUN)
3 Must the fire-eaters be so impetuous! (8) HOTHEADS (Double Defn. - 1. fire-eaters 2. impetuous)
4 Range of the field of action (6) SPHERE (Double Defn. - 1. Range 2. field of action)
5 Pass the critical point and go round the bend (4,3,6) TURN THE CORNER (o round=TURN, the=THE, bend=CORNER)
6 Order I have shortly is straight first (9) DIRECTIVE (Order=DIRECT, I have shortly=I've=IVE => DIRECT+IVE)
7 Six of one and half a dozen of the other (6) TWELVE (Direct)
9 Dance while tossing the caber (8,5) HIGHLAND FLING (Double Defn. - 1. Dance (A Scottish dance) 2. tossing the caber (the caber is a pole which is tossed (fling) like the javelin.. and the person who throws it the longest is the winner, it is played in scotland (Highland)..Explanation thanks to Ganesh)
14 Come between to cover free development (9) INTERFERE (to cover=INTER, free development=ana. FREE=FERE => INTER+FERE)
16 Is too pure to inflict punishment (8) CHASTISE (Is=IS, too pure=CHASTE => ana. IS+CHASTE (but where's the ana. indicator??))
17 Personal matter to remember (6) AFFAIR (Direct)
19 How severely one should deal with naughty children (7) STERNLY (Direct)
20 Class of society one moves around (6) CIRCLE (Direct/Double Defn. - 1.Class of society 2. one that moves around)
23 Came to love the medallion somehow (5) CAMEO (Came=CAME, love=O => CAME+O)