Monday, January 24, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8198 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Glass peach to admire but not buy (6,4) WINDOW SHOP (Glass=WINDOW, peach=SHOP??)
6 Many sheep overeat (4) CRAM (many=C, sheep=RAM => C+RAM)
9 A little book about fruit providing good nourishment (7) ALIMENT (A=A, little book=NT(little New Testament=acronym of New Testament), fruit=LIME=>A little book about fruit = A(LIME)NT)
10 Takes for granted when total points are considered (7) ASSUMES (when=AS, total=SUM, points=ES=>when total points = AS+SUM+ES)
12 Rubbish, no three points are repeated (8) NONSENSE (no=NO, three points=NSE=>no three points are repeated = NO+NSE+NSE)
13 Long to have a castle in a hollow cliff (5) CRAVE (castle=R, hollow cliff=CAVE=>a castle in a hollow cliff = C(R)AVE)
15 Join up to grow together (5) UNITE (Double Defn.)
17 Couple ceased to live together to spare Ted an accommodation (9) SEPERATED (ana. SPARE+TED)
19 Sample of what is to come from forest tea plantation (9) FORETASTE (ana. FOREST+TEA)
21 Lad has A1 around at the reception room (5) SALON (I think it should be AL instead of A1; Lad=SON, Al=AL=>Lad has A1 around = S(AL)ON)
23 A deadly place of importance (5) GRAVE (Double Defn. - 1. A deadly place 2. of importance)
24 A new stricter limit (8) RESTRICT (ana. STRICTER)
27 Three headed muscle (7) TRICEPS (Direct)
28 Indistinct in sound (7) NEUTRAL (Direct)
29 Feels compassion — that is certain (4) RUES (certain=SURE=>ana. SURE??; I don't see any ana. ind. though)
30 Rye biscuit for spider crab on the move? (10) CRISPBREAD (ana. SPIDER+CRAB)

1 Sounds like a week can be easily overcome (4) WEAK (sounds like WEEK)
2 Old boy Nair, in Africa, not from Kerala (7) NAIROBI (ana. OB(Old boy)+NAIR+I??; where does the extra I come from??)
3 Order to British Empire for young Sikh leader because he acts as directed (5) OBEYS (Order to British Empire=OBE,young=Y, sikh leader=S => OBE+Y+S)
4 New assistant for the devil worshippers (9) SATANISTS (ana. ASSISTANT)
5 No speed is required to deliver a lecture (5) ORATE (No=O, speed=RATE => O+RATE)
7 A beast getting in front of quiet worker is not checked (7) RAMPANT (A beast=RAM, quiet=P, worker=ANT=>A beast getting in front of quiet worker = RAM+P+ANT)
8 Single maid turns out deceitful (10) MISLEADING (ana. SINGLE+MAID)
11 Makes safe quarter having bizarre curse (7) SECURES (quarter=SE, bizarre curse=ana. CURSE=CURES=>quarter having bizarre curse = SE+CURES)
14 To live he must draw well (10) GUNFIGHTER (Cryptic Defn. -> drawing a gun)
16 Meet mutinous old rebel — the most violent (7) EXTREME (ana. MEET+EX(old)+R; poor word play, and bad placement of the ana. ind)
18 Game country folk without aspiration (9) PHEASANTS (county folk=PEASANTS, no clue where the H comes from)
20 Latch on to a way to raise cash on one's assets (7) REALISE
22 Lucre points made up from plant that was valuable as cattle fodder (7) LUCERNE (ana. LUCRE+NE(points))
24 Vertical pipe in an oil rig (5) RISER (Direct)
25 Course to follow along a loxodromic curve (5) RHUMB (Direct)
26 Ran away from danger (4) FLED (Direct)