Friday, January 14, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8191 Solutions

1 Photograph taken hastily (8) SNAPSHOT (Cryptic Defn. - hastily=in a snap)
6 On the thoroughfare the sailor gets a thrust (4) STAB (thoroughfare=ST, sailor=AB => ST+AB)
9 Therefore the gardener in India is a foreigner (6) SOMALI (Therefore=SO, gardener=MALI => SO+MALI)
10 Everyone about an exhibit: "It is superficial" (7) SHALLOW (Everyone=ALL, exhibit=SHOW=>Everyone about an exhibit=SH(ALL)OW)
13 An ill-matched pair (3,6) ODD COUPLE (Direct)
14 Question girl by the brook (5) GRILL (girl=G, brook=RILL => G+RILL)
15 Indian film director's fish (4) RAYS (director=RAY(Satyajit)=>director's=RAYS)
16 To ponder is intentional (10) DELIBERATE (Double Defn.)
19 Rebel Ryder tossed a fruit (10) ELDERBERRY (ana. REBEL+RYDER)
21 Till the fellow took the weapon... (4) FARM (fellow=F, weapon=ARM=>fellow took the weapon = F+ARM)
24 Capital to have account on remodelled car (5) ACCRA (account=AC, remodelled car=ana. CAR=CRA => AC+CRA)
25 Man of many parts working mechanically (9) AUTOMATON (Direct)
26 Encroachments on fashionable thoroughfares (7) INROADS (fashionable=IN, throroughfares=ROADS => IN+ROADS)
27 Err, too, in fixing the bullfighter (6) TORERO (ana. ERR+TOO)
28 Am in the North-East for a title (4) NAME (Am=AM, North-East=NE=>Am in the North-East = N(AM)E)
29 Muddles I make causes a disaster naturally (8) MUDSLIDE (ana. MUDDLES+I)

2 Time of the greatest prosperity is when you can take some rest (7) NOONDAY (Double Defn.)
3 What you do with words when you pun (4,2) PLAY ON (Direct)
4 A bit that rests on one's head (4-5) HAIR-PIECE (Direct)
5 Try to have some discernment (5) TASTE (Double Defn. - 1. Try to have(v.) 2. discernment(n.))
7 Let mali fetch the herb (7) TELLIMA (ana. LET+MALI)
8 Wager about more intemperate people causes mystification (12) BEWILDERMENT (Wager=BET, more intemperate=WILD, people=MEN=>Wager about more intemperate people = BE(WILDER+MEN)T)
11 Fish or fisherman (6) ANGLER (Double Defn.)
12 The family's failure makes no good story (4,8) POOR RELATION (family=RELATION)
17 Annoyed and somewhat tired about the girl (9) IRRITATED (somewhat tired=ana. TIRED=IRTED, girl=RITA=>somewhat tired about the girl=IR(RITA)TED)
18 Fleet production of a crazy drama (6) ARMADA (ana. A+DRAMA)
20 Last month, with no strong drink, made for good behaviour (7) DECORUM (Last month=DEC, no=O, sttong drink=RUM => DEC+O+RUM)
22 Weary at first but all dressed up (7) ATTIRED (Weary=TIRED, at first=AT before TIRED = AT+TIRED)
23 Morning test is conscienceless (6) AMORAL (Morning=AM, test=ORAL => AM+ORAL)
25 Animal on time in the north-east (5) ASSAM (Animal=ASS, time=AM=>Animal on time = ASS+AM)


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