Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8186 Solutions

1 Backslide when scales fall from careless lapse (7) RELAPSE (scales fall from careless=CARELESS-SCALES=RE, lapse=LAPSE => RE+LAPSE)
5 Having a liking for pal Rita converted (7) PARTIAL (ana. PAL+RITA)
9 Authorise Rose to be upset at the finish (7) ENDORSE (Rose to be upset=ana. ROSE=ORSE, finish=END => Rose to be upset at the finish=END+ORSE)
10 Specialist in treatment of eye disorders (7) OCULIST (Direct)
11 Support for drivers taking some late exercise (3) TEE (Container => laTE Exercise)
12 Corpulent bees with nothing to hide (5) OBESE (ana. BEES+O (nothing))
13 Go or come in to penetrate (5) ENTER (Double Defn. - 1. Go or come in 2. penetrate)
14 Use me right to work again (6) RESUME (ana. USE+ME+R(right))
15 Passive and not changing (8) STATICAL (Double Defn.)
18 Rise up to get on the horse using foot rests (8) STIRRUPS (??)
20 The place where rock music started? (6) CRADLE (Excellent Cryptic Defn. => the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, ref. to a lullaby)
24 Tilts sideways where they tilt head-on (5) LISTS (Direct)
26 Field of violent anger (5) RANGE (ana. ANGER)
27 Regarding insurance on life in short (1,1,1) LIC (Direct)
28 Improvised song on topical subject (7) CALYPSO (Direct)
29 The place to which one is going (7) WHERETO (Direct)
30 Settles comfortably in a snug retreat (7) NESTLES (Direct)
31 Causes to move round centre (7) RORATES (Direct)

1 Go in again to see some more entertainment (7) RENTER (Container => moRE ENTERtainment)
2 Climbers to reach the top (7) LADDERS (Cryptic Defn.)
3 In manner of each previous actor (9) PERFORMER (In manner of each each=PER, previous=FORMER => PER+FORMER)
4 Glacial snow the French sweep up at this late hour (6) ELEVEN (Glacial snow=NEVE, the French=LE=>Glacial snow the French=NEVELE=>Glacial snow the French sweep up=reverse of NEVELE = ELEVEN)
5 Appropriate assets to mark possessions (8) PROPERTY (Appropriate=PROPER, assets=TY?? => PROPER+TY)
6 Startle from inactivity (5) ROUSE (Direct)
7 I do it badly being in charge of the stupid person (7) IDIOTIC (ana. I+DO+IT+IC(in charge))
8 So called without exaggeration (7) LITERAL (Double Defn. - 1. So called 2. without exaggeration)
16 Support for a tripod in the yard (5,4) THREE FEET (Double Defn. - 1. Support for a tripod 2. 1 yard=3 ft)
17 Not proceeding from the pretended source (8) SPURIOUS (Direct)
18 Foolish swindle, say, to get the brittle metal from sand (7) SILICON (Foolish=SILLY, swindle=CON => SILLY+CON sounds like SILICON (say is the homonym indicator))
19 Slight lusts in upheavals (7) INSULTS (ana. LUSTS+IN)
21 Gloomy set somehow becomes most sluggish (7) DULLEST (Gloomy=DULL, set somehow=ana. SET=EST => DULL+EST)
22 Cowers at new fangled deeds deposited with third party (7) ESCROWS (ana. COWERS+S(where do we get this S from??))
23 Be accountable for acknowledgement (6) ANSWER (Double Defn.)
25 One of the divisions of the calyx (5) SEPAL (Direct)