Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8199 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Avoid the eastern scenery (6) ESCAPE (eastern=E, scenery=SCAPE => E+SCAPE)
4 Fine constituent in French coffee (8) CAFFEINE
10 With very little cash about, the queen is thoughtful (7) SERIOUS (queen=ER, SIOUS=??)
11 Make out an attendant is responsible for the leak (7) SEEPAGE (make out=SEE, an attendant=PAGE => SEE+PAGE)
12 Latest shoemaker's model (4) LAST (Double Defn. - 1. Latest 2. shoemaker's model)
13 Dead secret resolution caused outrage (10) DESECRATED (ana. DEAD+SECRET)
16 Fellow learner takes aunt to show off (6) FLAUNT (Fellow=F, learner=L, aunt=AUNT => F+L+AUNT)
17 Call for revision of a queer religious instruction (7) REQUIRE (religious instruction=RI??=>revision of a queer religious instruction = ana. QUEER+RI)
20 Straggles quietly as war returns on board ship (7) SPRAWLS (quietly=P, war returns=RAW, L=??, ship=SS=>quietly as war returns on board ship = S(P+RAW+L)S; where does the L come from?)
21 She was made out of the dye (6) EDYTHE (ana. THE+DYE)
24 Disparagement of French religious supplication (10) DEROGATION (of French=OF, religious supplication=ROGATION => DE+ROGATION)
25 Prepared food sold in Indian capital, so we hear (4) DELI (we hear=>homonym of DELHI)
27 Letters to be sorted (7) ANAGRAM (Direct)
29 It sounds as though my fireplace has to move elsewhere (7) MIGRATE (my=MY, fireplace=GRATE => sounds like MY GRATE)
30 Flag of principal, you say? (8) STANDARD (Double Defn.)
31 Some man feeling bad — he regrets promising to hold on (6) ADHERE (container => bAD HE REgrets - too many redundant words in the clue)

1 Simple sort of insurance policy bringing affluence (4,4) EASY LIFE (Double Defn.)
2 Jack perhaps is clearer as a cheat (4,7) CARD SHARPER (Jack=CARD, clearer=SHARPER)
3 A secret contrivance to bring about something illegal (4) PLOT (Direct)
5 Suffered the consequences of improper act (8) ANSWERED (Direct)
6 Shouts for buckshee boxing contests (4,6) FREE ROUNDS (buckshee=FREE, boxing contests=ROUNDS)
7 Possibly the lad is a painter (3) I_A
8 Corrects by including in the last portions (6) EMENDS (last portions=ENDS, ME=??=>by including in the last portions=E(ME)NDS - I guess the intended clue was "Corrects by including me in the last portions")
9 Fiery reminders of Test Match cricket? (5) ASHES (Cryptic Defn.)
14 Look on the other side of the leaf (4,3,4) TURN THE PAGE (Direct)
15 Put in a difficult position when a tip gave offence (10) ENDANGERED (tip=END, gave offence=ANGERED => END+ANGERED)
18 He has long experience of the antique clock (3,5) OLD TIMER (Double Defn.)
19 Chinese dog? (8) PEKINESE (Double Defn.)
22 Naughty ladies men dream of (6) IDEALS (Naughty ladies = ana. LADIES)
23 Go mad about a doctrine laid down with authority (5) DOGMA (Go mad about=ana. GO+MAD)
26 Matured in years (4) AGED (Direct)
28 Nowadays one finds her in advertisement (3) ADA (Container=>NowADAys??)


Chaturvasi said...

'Sou' is a foreign currency of mean value, I think. In the wordplay 'sous' goes around ER. Still the compiler doesn't take into account the letter I.

Chaturvasi said...

While in India the letters RI stand for rigorous imprisonment, in Western countries they stand for religious instruction (especially in school curriculum).